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super bowl

Why College Football Gets Overtime Right, and the NFL Gets It Wrong

New England's anticlimactic Super Bowl victory was more evidence that the NFL should adopt the fairer, better college football overtime system invented by a high school basketball coach named Brice Durbin.
Michael Weinreb

Do NFL Coach Firings Make Any Immediate Difference?

A new study suggests that NFL franchises fire their coaches too often, and too reflexively—and that making such a move is unlikely to produce short-term improvement.
Michael Weinreb

A Division III NCAA Scandal Shows Even Small Schools Will Pay to Win

A pay-for-play scandal involving the Baruch College women's basketball team reflects a growing number of Division III schools that seem more interested in athletic success than NCAA player compensation limits.
Michael Weinreb
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Kentucky Colonels Appoint All-Female Board of Directors

In 1973, the new owner of the Kentucky Colonels appointed his wife and nine other women to run the American Basketball Association franchise. Sexism predictably followed. So did fan enthusiasm and a league championship.
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college football

Meet Phil Steele, the Man Behind College Football's Most Obsessive Preview Magazine

For 22 years, Phil Steele's annual season preview magazine has been a college football institution. The man behind it remains as obsessive and detail-oriented as ever.
Michael Weinreb

Throwback Thursday: Mike Schmidt Wigs Out in Philadelphia

In 1985, Philadelphia Phillies legend Mike Schmidt unloaded on the city's notoriously tough sports fans, and then brokered a detente by wearing sunglasses and a wig on the field.
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buddy ryan

Remembering Buddy Ryan, Football's First and Greatest Troll

Former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, who died Tuesday at age 82, was a defensive mastermind who also knew how to use the media to get inside his opponents' heads.
Michael Weinreb
college sports

Stadium Beer Sales Could Be The Answer To College Football's Drinking Problem

Texas, Ohio State, Penn State, and West Virginia are among the increasing number of schools selling beer during college football games—a move that can produce big profits, and perhaps discourage gameday binge drinking.
Michael Weinreb

Throwback Thursday: John McEnroe Loses His Cool, Seriously

In a 1981 Wimbledon match against Tom Gullickson, John McEnroe unleashed the most famous four-word tirade in tennis history: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.
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north carolina

Should College Coaches Be Held Responsible for Just About Everything?

During a recent interview, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari raised an important question: To what extent should coaches be accountable for scandals involving their programs?
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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Otis Nixon Steals Six Bases in a Single MLB Game

In 1991, Otis Nixon tied a Major League Baseball record by stealing six bases in a single game. His post-baseball life would take a darker turn.
Michael Weinreb
college football

Gus Malzahn's Auburn Extension Shows That College Football Is Rich, And Crazy

Guz Malzahn's Auburn contract extension is a public relations move that may end in expensive failure. In the current college football landscape, that makes perfect sense.
Michael Weinreb