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Meet the Punk Rock Baker Bringing AC/DC-Inspired Bread to Buenos Aires

Salvaje Bakery is churning out wild, 'emotional,' and damn good bread that's shaping the future of Argentinian baking.
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Meet the Man Who Reinvented Salt in America

Officially launching his enterprise in 2011, Ben Jacobsen upended America’s perception of hand-harvested sea salt when he created Jacobsen Salt Co.
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Behind the Bar with Mexico's Top Mixologist

Mica Rousseau of Fifty Mils began working behind the bar when he was just 18 years old, and recently won first place at the 2016 World Class Mexico, officially making him the top mixologist in the entire country.
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Puerto Rico

This Restaurant Is a Vegetarian Oasis on an Island of Meat and Cheese

Puerto Rico isn't exactly a vegetarian destination, and until a few years ago, few health food stores or vegetarian restaurants could be found in San Juan. But chef Jerome Valencia is trying to change that, one raw vegan mousse at a time.
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This Isn't Your Grandfather's Absinthe

What began as a hobby in a Bushwick apartment eventually became Standard Wormwood Distillery, producing oak-aged, rye-based absinthe.
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Eating My Way Through the Magic Fruits of the Amazon

“We only drink this at night,” my guide tells me of the hallucinogenic plant. “Even though it’s dark, we can see everything in the jungle like it’s daylight.”
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Rakija Is the Fire That Fuels the Balkans

“When you taste it, you can tell exactly what family made it,” one Macedonian man told me of rakija, a home-distilled spirit that's a staple in the Balkans.
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What The World’s Most Spiritual Cowboys Eat

Ecuador’s Chagras have a culture entirely their own, adapted to the native culture of the Ecuadorian Andes. And with this life comes a unique culinary culture, where natural resources are the name of the game.
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Craft Beer

A Craft Brewery Rises in the Heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley

Now celebrating its second year of operation, Cervecería del Valle Sagrado has amassed a following and an award-winning list of beers.
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This Ancient Incan Corn Beer Might Bring You Closer to the Gods

The rustic corn beer known as chicha de jora was once a sacred drink of the Incas, and it's still widely consumed in the Andean highlands, homebrewed by locals.
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Inside the Bar Where Peruvian Presidents Go to Drink

Since it opened in 1905, Lima's bar-restaurant Cordano has served pisco sours and butifarra sandwiches to almost every Peruvian president in modern history.
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How One Bartender Is Bringing Craft Cocktails to Panama

Having fled Venezuela, Carlos Maestraccii came to Panama and worked his way up the burgeoning bar scene to bring craft cocktails to the thirsty tropics.
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