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Romania Has Essentially Made Political Corruption Legal

So, of course, thousands of people took to the streets of Bucharest to protest.
Mihai Popescu

These Vintage Photos Show a Colorful Side of Communism

Andrei Beşliu runs The Communist Vaslui project, which restores old archival photos and videos from the heyday of Vaslui in Eastern Romania.
Mihai Popescu
Various photographers, text by Mihai Popescu
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Why Three Romanian Priests Stole a Dead Man’s Hand

An attempted robbery of the hand of Saint Haralambie went awry when the thieves tripped the alarm at the Mega Spileo Monastery.
Mihai Popescu

The Majestic Fishermen of Ghana

Romanian photographer Tudor Vintiloiu spent some time documenting the tight knit fishing community of a country burdened with a history of exploitation and slavery.
Mihai Popescu

Here's a Collection of 19th-Century Romanian Tattoos and the Skin They Were Etched On

Nicolae Minovici's collection of tattoos is being exhibited in Bucharest's Sutu Palace until March. And yes, some of the pieces still have hair on them.
Mihai Popescu

Babes and Dated Machine Guns at the Black Sea Defense Convention

It doesn't look like Romania has what it takes to fight Russia in the event of WWIII.
Mihai Popescu

The Maddening Beauty of Romanian Living Rooms

Nothing says Eastern Bloc chic like kitsch porcelain figurines, acrylic wall carpets, religious icons, and communist paraphernalia.
Mihai Popescu
The Evolutionary Resilience Issue

The Death of a Romanian Kangaroo

”More and more kangaroos show up in Romania, like we’re turning into Australia,” an animal rights activist said. “Last year, I personally followed a driver who was transporting a kangaroo. Two other kangaroos were attacked and eaten by stray dogs.”
Mihai Popescu
The Horse Is a Horse of Course of Course Issue

The Romanian Village Ravaged by a Plague of Earthquakes

Izvoarele is a small village of 300 homes in southern Romania that had a problem late last year: There was constantly an earthquake happening, but no one knows exactly why so many quakes hit.
Mihai Popescu

Romanians Are Fighting Fracking on Horseback

Zîna Domintean says riot cops beat her up and choked her with the Romanian flag while trying to clear the way for a shale gas fracking operation.
Mihai Popescu
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

Romanians Are Slaughtering Packs of Stray Dogs

In early September, stray dogs attacked and killed a four-year-old child near a park in Bucharest, Romania. That incident highlighted one of the biggest problems facing the capital city today, where about 64,000 ownerless canines roam the streets.
Mihai Popescu

Romanian Villagers Managed to Keep Fracking Out of Their Backyard

Last week, 600 angry farmers from the village of Pungeşti protested to stall the Chevron bulldozers heading for their land, and they won at least a temporary victory when the company decided to delay operations in the area.
Mihai Popescu