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We Tagged Along for the Biggest Surf at Jaws in More Than a Decade

When a colossal swell hits Maui, big wave surfers heed the call.
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La Familia

Muslim Skiers Speak Out Against Rising Islamophobia

Ahmet and Giray Dadali are two of skiing’s brightest stars. They’re also Muslim, and the past month has left them shaking their heads at the flood of racism.
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VICE Sports Q&A: A$AP Ferg

We caught up with the hip-hop star to talk about his partnership with Adidas, his new skateboarding sneakers, and getting called for jury duty.
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for lack of better

Can’t Knock The Hustle

Why do street skiers keep upping the game in the face of certain injury?
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making role models

Skier Gus Kenworthy’s New Life as an Openly Gay Action Sports Star

We spoke to the Olympic medalist 24 hours after his groundbreaking announcement.
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adventure narratives

Snowboarding Pioneer Jeremy Jones's Latest Frontier: Writing a Book

No Words For The Way Down takes readers inside the tent and on the mountain for a behind-the-scenes look at six years of high-stakes filmmaking.
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j.t. holmes

Action Sports After Death

They say the only way to not die BASE jumping is to stop BASE jumping.
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problems in snowboarding

Is Burton Snowboards in Trouble?

After an anonymous open letter portraying a company at risk and two senior executives at fault, Burton has been doing damage control all week.
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off-season money maker

Fenway Looks to Big Air for Winter Action

Fenway Park is scheduled to host a big air skiing and snowboarding competition in February. Event organizers think it will be the biggest air in the sport’s history, but we’re not convinced.
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A New Level of Action Sports Porn, For One Day Only

The Search for Freedom will be in IMAX theaters only on Wednesday, June 10. As the latest action sports film attempting to reach a national audience, it showcases more than just pro athletes in extreme places.
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Don't Hate On the New Point Break

Snowboarders Ralph Backstrom and Lucas DeBari rode as a stunt doubles in the new version of the film. The criticism, they say, is unjustified.
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California Oil Spill: "It Stunk Like Fucking Hell"

Surf is not up off the Southern California coast, where a Texas pipeline company has just lost 105,000 gallons (and counting) of crude oil.
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