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election 2020

President, Interrupted: Angelina Jolie sounds like she’s pondering a 2020 run

"I'm also able to work with governments, and I'm also able to work with militaries," she told BBC.
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Breaking News

911 is going in and out for at least 10 states

Officials said the emergency hotline would be fixed Thursday night.
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elon musk

Elon Musk's lawyers think calling the Thai cave diver a "pedo" and a "child rapist" should be covered by the First Amendment

The situation all started when Musk offered to make a mini-submarine to save a boys soccer team trapped in a sunken cave in northern Thailand.
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government shutdown

The government shutdown happened. Here's what it means.

The Senate is scheduled to resume talks on Saturday.
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sexual assault

Yes, Harvey Weinstein is still going to trial for sexual assault

His lawyers tried to argue that the case against Weinstein was “irreparably tainted.”
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Trump Foundation

Trump Foundation is shutting down after the New York AG called it "little more than a checkbook" for Trump

The civil lawsuit accuses Trump of using the charity money to give out sizable grants to veterans organizations to boost his candidacy
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"The family chose to cross illegally": The Trump administration isn't taking responsibility for a migrant child's death

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley called the death a “horrific, tragic situation” — which wasn’t the administration’s fault.
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Campus sexual assault

Baylor frat president was facing up to 20 years in prison for rape. He won't serve any time.

The former Phi Delta Theta president at Baylor University allegedly drugged a 19-year-old woman and raped her outside a party.
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parkland shooting

Parkland PR consultant calls critics “crazies” and a journalist “skanky” and smelly in video

"He is sloppy, he’s reckless, he’s mean, and he smells bad."
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Clergy sex abuse

Names of 11 predator priests will be kept secret, Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules

The 11 priests were kept anonymous because they contested the allegations, and the Court decision said identifying them would raise due process issues.
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Opioid Crisis

Florida is suing CVS and Walgreens for allegedly adding to the opioid crisis

The suit claims the drugstore chains have not taken precautions to prevent illegal distribution
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Florida recount

Rick Scott has 5 ongoing lawsuits in his Senate run. Now, he's the one getting sued.

A large group of Florida voters and organizations filed a lawsuit against Scott on Monday for illegal abuse of power and conflicts of interest in the electoral process.
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