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Scientists Partly Revive Dead Pigs’ Brains

Making us question what it means to be alive, and the boundaries of animal testing.
Mirjam Guesgen

Disease Prediction Scores Based on DNA Have a Racial Bias, Study Finds

Polygenic scores were nearly five times less accurate for people of African descent than people of European descent, a new study has found.
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climate change

Chimpanzee Culture Is Disappearing Thanks to Climate Change, Study Finds

Common chimpanzee behaviors are disappearing thanks to climate change and proximity to humans.
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Trans Mountain

Pipeline Work Destroyed Salmon Habitat, Puts Orcas at Risk, Scientists Say

Expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline could spell trouble for salmon populations and the orcas that rely on them for food, experts say.
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A White House Report on the Opioid Crisis Overlooks Gender Differences in Addiction

The report excludes studies showing that women experience pain and develop addictions differently than men—differences that mean women might not receive adequate treatment.
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Stunning Photos Show Canada's Alpine Environments Are Shrinking

Images of Canada’s changing mountain landscape tell the story of its past and its future.
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Getting 'High'

As Canada Legalizes Weed, Switzerland Wants to Get High on Moss

Mice injected with a THC-like compound found in liverworts acted as if they were stoned—lazing around more, not moving for long periods of time, and feeling less pain.
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The Most Unknown

The World’s Most Precise Clock Reveals the Nature of Time and the Universe

Physicist Jun Ye built the world’s most precise clock and is part of the group of scientists who changed our understanding of time itself.
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Parasitic Worms Are Weed Edibles for Mice

These worms may be the key to targeted, natural treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases.
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We Talked to a Scientist Who Makes Those Incredibly Satisfying Computer Animations

Physics-based animation can be used to test the strength of bridges, make hyper-real animated films, and blow your mind.
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Greenhouse Gases

Feeding Cows Space Food Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Scientists want to bring back an environmentally friendly food source NASA tested on its astronauts in the 1960s: bacteria. Germs never tasted so good.
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alien encounter

Our DNA Might Be the Most Valuable Thing in a Trade Deal With Aliens

Or, how to avoid a “Mars Attacks”-style bloodbath when we eventually encounter extraterrestrials.
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