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Meet the Six-Year-Old Behind the Most Oscar-Worthy Performance of the Year

In "The Florida Project," Brooklynn Prince is electrifying as a homeless girl living in a community of extended-stay motel guests outside of Disney World.
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This Week in 2007

Looking Back at the Outrageous Reactions to Jamie Lynn Spears's Pregnancy

A budding sitcom star, the younger Spears sister's career was completely derailed after tabloids took her to task.
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The Autistic Children Who Are Labeled As Sex Offenders

According to social workers and activists, numerous young kids on the spectrum have ended up on the sexual offender registry for offenses that lacked sexual motivation.
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Amber Rose Wants Melania Trump to March at Her SlutWalk

When Amber Rose first started her own SlutWalk three years ago, she was hailed as an "unlikely feminist hero." Ahead of this year's event, she tells Broadly why her advocacy was never really unlikely at all.
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Dick Pics on Display: The Woman Behind the Controversial Art Show

Curator Whitney Bell says the exhibit of unsolicited dick pics exposes a culture of sexism, but some have classified her work as revenge porn.
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Former Trump Surrogate Claims Fox Blacklisted Her for Reporting Rape

Scottie Nell Hughes claims she was raped by Fox host Charles Payne in 2013. When she tried to report the assault in 2017, she alleges, Fox leaked her story to the "National Enquirer."
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This Week in 2007

How 'TMZ Live' Became America's Guiltiest Pleasure

Ten years ago this week, Harvey Levin debuted the show that would go on to break some of the most infamous celebrity gossip stories.
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What the Fuck Happened at the Juggalo March on Washington

Juggalos took to D.C. over the weekend to protest their designation as a gang by the FBI. Here's our report from the ground.
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This Week in 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Deserved Better After Her 2007 Nude Photo Leak

Ten years ago this week, the "High School Musical" actress was forced to apologize after multiple websites published her private photos without permission.
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The Holocaust Survivor Using Her Trauma to Help Veterans

After escaping Auschwitz, Dr. Edith Eger went on to become a world-renowned clinical therapist who's creating new tools to tackle PTSD.
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The Food Festival Showing How Slaves Built American Cuisine

The annual Heritage Harvest Food Festival is hosted at Thomas Jefferson's slave plantation Monticello. This year, its founders and participants are making a concerted effort to reckon with the site's past.
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'Leave Britney Alone': Chris Crocker Reflects on His Weird Cultural Legacy

Ten years after "Leave Britney Alone" became one of the Internet's first viral videos, Chris Crocker opens up about his rollercoaster experience of being the original YouTuber.
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