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'Trump Has More Funnier Memes': Youths Weigh In on the 2016 Election

Children, teens, and tweens discuss the 2016 election—with the same level of understanding as most of the country.
Molly Oswaks

I Spent a Weekend in Stars Hollow with Thousands of Obsessive Gilmore Girls Fans

Washington, Connecticut is known for being the inspiration for Stars Hollow, the idyllic town in which "Gilmore Girls" is set. I made a pilgrimage there—along with 1500 other people—to honor our impossibly chipper, coffee-swilling TV gods.
Molly Oswaks

‘Previvors’: The Young Women Getting Mastectomies to Prevent Breast Cancer

Carriers of the BRCA gene have a 50 percent chance of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives. Young women who are BRCA-positive are faced with a tough question: Should they have their breast tissue removed, or should they simply live...
Molly Oswaks

‘I Felt Like I Was Alone:’ What It's Like to Fight Breast Cancer in Your 20s

"It's almost as if you have to get through the gritty, terrible, ugly thoughts to be able to reach the positive side."
Molly Oswaks

Man and Wife and Wife: The Dark World of Polygamous Wedding Ceremonies

In the Order, a fundamentalist polygamous Mormon sect, brides wear white, recite vows, and join hands with their groom's previous wives.
Molly Oswaks

'I'm a Person, and I Deserve More': What It's Like to Escape a Polygamous Cult

In Utah, members of the Kingston Clan blend into contemporary society—but the Mormon group openly practices polygamy and incest and exploits its members financially. We spoke to former members to uncover what it's like to grow up in the religious sect...
Molly Oswaks

Elizabeth Smart Is Standing Up for Rape Victims—And Tearing Down Purity Culture

Fourteen years after she was kidnapped, sexually abused, and held in captivity for nine months, Elizabeth Smart is fighting to change the way we talk about sex, rape, and abstinence. We visited her in her Utah home to learn more about her advocacy.
Molly Oswaks

Meet the Trans Woman Running for Senate in a Mormon State

In running for Senate, Misty Snow is making history as the first trans woman nominated to a major political party. We visited her campaign headquarters in Utah to learn more.
Molly Oswaks

'Parades Are the Worst': Miss America Reflects on Her Reign

In her time as Miss America, Betty Cantrell has visited countless hospitals and charity events, traveled by C17 aircraft to eight countries in as many days, and become very, very exhausted.
Molly Oswaks

The Special Olympics Is Not Here to Be Your 'Inspiration Porn'

The Special Olympics has always been billed as an example of equal opportunity for the disabled. But a vocal minority among the community it was created to serve call the term "special" condescending—and feel it diminishes the athlete's talents and...
Molly Oswaks

'She Didn't Say Vagina': Sex Ed in Fundamentalist Christian Homeschool

Parents who homeschool their children are not required to follow any curricula, which can make lesson plans for sex ed particularly fraught. Girls raised in fundamentalist Christian homes are especially vulnerable, often taught to consider their bodies...
Molly Oswaks

Using Baby Powder Could Cause Ovarian Cancer, Lawsuits Allege

Thousands of women have filed class-action lawsuits claiming Johnson & Johnson failed to notify them that their talc-containing products could put them at risk of cancer.
Molly Oswaks