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dc statehood

Pelosi Is Master-Trolling the GOP With This D.C. Statehood Thing

Visualize two extremely liberal senators joining Mitch McConnell in the upper chamber.
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2 hours ago
climate change

Greta Thunberg Can't Stop Roasting Congress

Celebrity teen climate activist Greta Thunberg had a message for U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday: Do better.
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a day ago

Beto Said, ‘Hell, Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15.’ Republicans Seized the Moment.

The RNC's spokesperson tweeted that O’Rourke supports “ripping up our 2nd Amendment.”
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democratic debate

Bernie and Warren Just Ganged Up on Biden Over Medicare for All

“I know the senator said she’s for Bernie. Well, I’m for Barack," said former Vice President Joe Biden.
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Jon Ossoff Is Running for Senate in Georgia, But Some Democrats Worry He Can’t Deliver — Again

But the imperfect politician might be their best chance at turning the state purple.
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Trump Resorts

Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for the Air Force to Hang Out at Trump Golf Resorts

Air Force pilots are staying at Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland for discounted rooms and free rounds of golf.
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Trump Wants to Give Landlords Even More Power Over People With Criminal Records

A new proposed rule takes away renters' ability to sue landlords in some cases.
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medicare for all

Support for Medicare for All in Congress Just Got Very Real

The House hit a key metric thanks to the endorsement by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
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campaign finance

The FEC Won't Be Able to Reform Super PACs Before 2020: ‘That's Kind of Crazy’

Interview: FEC Chair Ellen Weintraub explains what the FEC can — and can't — do with only three members.
Shawna Thomas
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Trump Resorts

Trump ‘Suggested’ Mike Pence Stay at His Golf Resort That's 3 Hours From Dublin — and You're Paying For It

"I don't think it was a request, like a command," said Marc Short, Pence's chief of staff. "I think that it was a suggestion."
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Floods Nearly Wiped This Iowa Town Off the Map. It May Never Come Back.

Pacific Junction was founded as a rail transfer hub nearly 150 years ago. It could disappear forever once FEMA starts buying destroyed homes.
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voter suppression

Trump Says Polls That Show Him Losing ‘Suppress the Feelings’ of Voters

In an interview with Brian Kilmeade, Trump rated Fox News hosts on a scale of 1 to 10.
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