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Argentina's Largest Bank Just Made a ‘Historic’ Pledge to Hire More Transgender People

Banco Nacion is the first bank in the world to adopt a quota for transgender people, the country’s banking union says. 
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Argentina's Underground Abortion Network Won't Let a Pandemic Get in Its Way

Coronavirus has upended the intimate work of Socorristas en Red, a collective of volunteers who help women get abortions. But it hasn't changed their ultimate goal: a dramatic cultural shift in how Argentina treats women seeking to end their pregnancies.
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Women Are Leading the Fight Against Coronavirus in Argentina's Vulnerable Communities

As COVID-19 spikes across the country, women are shouldering much of the vital work to protect marginalized groups.
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Inside #FutbolFemenino: Argentina's next battlefront for women's rights

As the national team heads to the Women’s World Cup in France next month, players throughout the country are driving an urgent conversation around Argentina’s favorite sport, and drawing in new fans as a result.
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Two cops among 4 dead in shooting, Canadian police say

Police say they have a suspect in custody.
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Two dead, 12 injured after mass shooting in Toronto

The shooter, a 29-year-old man, is also dead.
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Standing Rock Sioux tribe rejoices — and digs in — as feds pause pipeline

After federal officials made a surprise announcement that postponed construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe vowed to fight on.
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Gang rape videos are being sold in India

The videos are being sold in Uttar Pradesh, ranked among the most dangerous states for women in India. A recent spate of rapes have prompted calls for the chief minister to resign.
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The Canadian army issued cards to soldiers reminding them sexual assault is 'inappropriate'

The cards are in response to a damning report issued last year on sexual misconduct in the military. Exploitation of power imbalances, date rape, and violent sexual assault were all common stories told by current and former Canadian Forces members.
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Inside Justin Trudeau's historic visit to an isolated Indigenous reserve in Canada

In April, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Shoal Lake 40, a community that has been on a boil water advisory for 20 years, for a VICELAND documentary airing this weekend in Canada. Here's a look at some of what he saw.
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A New Out of Control Wildfire Forces Another Evacuation Near an Alberta Gas Plant

Wind is pushing the flames away from the town of Fox Creek, but the Trilogy energy plant may still be at risk, as wildfires tear through northern Alberta.
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Convoy of Evacuees Now Moving Through a Devastated Fort McMurray as Wildfire Rages On

"The beast is still up. It's surrounding the city and we're here doing our very best for you," said Fort McMurray fire chief Darby Allen of the blaze that has burned through 85,000 hectares.
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