Natalie Hardwick


London’s Best Mexican Cheese Is Being Made Under a Railway Arch

In a space under a Peckham railway, Kristen Schnepp’s Gringa Dairy is making authentic queso Oaxaca, Chihuahua, and fresco.
Natalie Hardwick
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Steak Pie and Chips at One of the Oldest Cafes in London's East End

Arthur’s is a classic East End cafe, preserved, if you will, in corned beef jelly. “I do things like stewing steak with boiled peas,” says the eponymous Arthur Woodham, now in his 76th year of service at the cafe. “You don’t get many cafes doing that...
Natalie Hardwick

Things Might Finally Be Looking Up for Britain’s Pub Landlords

Following a ten-year campaign by beer industry lobbyists, the UK government is reforming the pub tie system, an agreement that forced pub owners to buy markedup beer from large pub companies.
Natalie Hardwick

Britain’s Real Ale Industry Can’t Deal with Women Beer Drinkers

From porno pump clips to beers named “Knicker-Mocha-Muffdive,” the world of British real ale is a depressing place for the female beer lover.
Natalie Hardwick

The UK's Smoked Salmon Is Covered in Lice and Shit

Farmed salmon are literally living up shit creek, often suffering from chronic sea lice that quickly become immune to chemical treatment. But the even shadier side of smoked salmon is what happens when it hits the factory.
Natalie Hardwick
North England

Welcome to the Magical, Mystical World of Parmo

Unless you're from Northern England, you've probably never heard of parmo. In Teesside, though, the molten chicken-and-cheese dish is more than just takeaway fodder—it has mythological status.
Natalie Hardwick