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Child Trafficking Increase Feared in Nepal after Earthquake

Each year an estimated 10,000 children are trafficked from Nepal to work in Indian brothels and factories, and the April 25 earthquake has only made the problem worse.
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People in Detroit Started Having Their Water Shut Off Again Today

After a monthlong moratorium, Detroit once again started to shut off water to residents who haven't paid their water bills.
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Why We Should be Worried About India’s Next Prime Minister

Narendra Modi, who many consider a mass murderer, will take power in the biggest landslide win India has seen since 1984.
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India’s Maoist Insurgency Kills Police Officers in Jungle Ambush

Guerrillas known as Naxalities, described as India’s “greatest internal security challenge,” ambushed a security patrol on Tuesday.
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Monsanto’s Herbicide Might Be Killing Farmers

Deaths from a mysterious kidney disease are in the tens of thousands, and might be caused by the world’s bestselling chemical weed killer.
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Al Qaeda Makes a Fortune By Ransoming Prisoners

In the past three and a half years, Western governments have given al Qaeda more than $100 million to free kidnapped hostages.
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Ukraine President Agrees to Lift Anti-Protest Laws

As unrest spread throughout Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovich announced the repeal of the anti-protest laws he passed only weeks ago.
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Ukraine Protests Turn Deadly As Opposition Threatens To "Attack"

At least three protesters died Wednesday in clashes with police, while opposition leaders issued an ultimatum that elections be held.
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