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A U.S. War With Iran Would Cause the World ‘Enormous Pain.’ Here's Why.

“Any conflict with Iran could escalate quickly and in a really uncontrolled way.”
Nick Miriello
David Gilbert

Here’s what you need to know about the attempted coup in Venezuela

The future of Venezuela could be determined in the next few days.
David Noriega
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The U.S. coalition claims it killed 180 civilians in the final battle for Raqqa. A new report says it's much worse.

“Did the coalition do all it could’ve and should’ve done? The answer is plainly no.”
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The mueller report

The Mueller report makes a damning case that Trump obstructed justice

“In layperson’s terms, he tried to obstruct justice.”
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello
Special Counsel Robert Mueller

This is everything we already know about the Mueller investigation

Greg Walters
David Gilbert
Nick Miriello
U.S. military operations

The U.S. is ramping up its secret air war in Somalia

At least 230 people have been killed in air strikes since the beginning of 2019, and an untold number of civilians.
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russia investigation

What we know about the fight between Mueller’s office and BuzzFeed

The special counsel's dispute of the facts is raising more questions than it answered.
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello
mueller investigation

Cohen's public testimony is a problem for Trump and possibly Mueller, too

“This would be incredibly disturbing to any regular prosecution.”
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello
government shutdown

Prepare for a legal crisis if Trump calls a national emergency over the border wall

“Even just the act of doing it is really an assault on our constitutional, democratic system.”
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello

Military experts say Trump’s sudden Syria withdrawal could create “ISIS 2.0”

“This is going to be an ISIS propaganda video in next few weeks, basically with them declaring victory.”
Nick Miriello
Donald Trump

Acting AG Matt Whitaker worked for a company that hawked “time travel” technology and other insane products

“It’s never a good thing when a law enforcement officer was employed by a company that’s under federal criminal investigation — much less the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.”
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello

Trump is gutting America’s refugee program even though most Americans support it

The State Department justified the decision by saying many refugees don’t want to come to the U.S. anyway.
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Keegan Hamilton