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Why Vegans Are Protesting Bernie Sanders Rallies

Matt and many of his fellow DxE members are hoping to bring Sanders’s support for agribusiness to a more public consciousness, which Matt says is a black mark on an otherwise positive record.
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Why This Scandinavian Pastry Came to Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin has long been a destination for Danish immigrants, and with them came a buttery, flaky pastry known as kringle.
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The Dairy State’s Master Cheesemaker Won’t Answer Your Emails

Gary Grossen, the master cheesemaker at the University of Wisconsin, lives and breathes cheese—so much so that it's nearly impossible to reach him by cell phone or email.
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Why Your Favorite Band Will Soon Be on Your Kitchen Table

Food startups are finding success growing their businesses on the backs of bands they're passionate about.
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America's Most Award-Winning Cheese Is Back from the Dead

When the FDA began enforcing regulations in 2014, Uplands Cheese faced the imminent loss of one of its much-lauded products.
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This Bar Has Gotten Olympic Speed Skaters Wasted for More Than 30 Years

Liquid Johnny's doesn’t look much different than the other gray-brown taverns that dot the city’s southwest side. But it’s been the watering hole of choice for Milwaukee-based winter Olympians, now going on 35 years.
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How to Move a Michelin-Starred Restaurant Across an Ocean

Sneeze guards and FBI-certified background checks are only a couple of things that need to be dealt with in order to temporarily relocate the kitchen of award-winning Chicago restaurant Alinea to Madrid.
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I Drank Old Fashioneds Where Jeffrey Dahmer Killed His First Victim in Milwaukee

In the fall of 1987, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered a man in his room at the Ambassador Hotel, a local landmark where you can still get a mean cocktail.
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This Professor Wants Wisconsin to Grow Its Own Rice

Michael Schlappi, an associate professor with Marquette University in Milwaukee, believes that finding efficient ways to grow rice in colder climates will soon become an important part of maintaining stable supply worldwide.
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Fish fry

You've Only Got Eight Hours This Week to Try Milwaukee's Famous Fish Fry

At 40-year-old basement-turned-restaurant, sustainability's never been a factor in the fish selection, nor has the menu changed to suit faddish tastes. And its beloved crispy cod is available for only a few precious hours each week.
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The Noisey Guide to

You Don’t Have to Lose Money on Tour

An idiot’s guide to touring cheap.
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