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If Climate Change Makes You Feel Hopeless, Maybe Religion Can Help

People suffering from climate despair are turning to spiritual leaders. This is the advice they get.
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When Recalling the Trauma of Sexual Violence Is Your Best Shot at a Visa

America's U Visa offers hope to survivors of awful crimes, even under Donald Trump. But applying can be its own kind of nightmare.
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I Dressed Like Keanu Reeves for a Week and Became a Living Meme

What is it like to live as a man who puts minimal effort into his outward appearance because his value is not inherently tied to his presentation?
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The Star of the 'American Chopper' Meme Didn't Know What a Meme Was

Paul Teutul Sr. is "not real savvy with much on a telephone," he told me.
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'Floribama Shore' Is Realer Than You Might Think

I should know—I'm from Panama City Beach.
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College Kid Flushed Support Hamster Down Toilet After Airline Wouldn't Let It Fly

"I didn’t have any other options," she said.
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We Asked Hypebeasts Standing Outside Supreme for Financial Advice

If they can turn $40 T-shirts into a stack, why can't I?
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Very Bad Substitute Teacher Fired for Teaching Kids How to Heil Hitler

The superintendent at the extremely white school in Vermont is very sorry for the ex-employee's behavior.
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