Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is Deputy Editor of VICE Life and the author of The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There for Yourself and Your People, coming May 2020.


An Actually Useful Guide to Not Being On Your Phone All the Time

If you’re struggling to detach yourself from your various devices during this pandemic—or, if you can't do that out of necessity, but would like strategies for constantly looking at a screen without wanting to crack it into pieces—here are some tips.
Rachel Miller
4 days ago

When You're Having a Rough Time, Let Friends Share Your Bad News for You

Managing other people's reactions to your trauma is exhausting; enlisting someone else to update folks your behalf is a small act of self-care, and an easy way to take people up on their “let me know if you need anything” offers.
Rachel Miller

A Beginner's Guide for 'Straight' Women Who Want to Act on Queer Feelings

If you're questioning your heterosexuality and/or interested in dating women for the first time: You've come to the right place.
Rachel Miller

Here’s Precisely How to Talk to Your Friends Before a No-Mask Hangout

Most of us think we're being careful during this pandemic... so when making plans, it's a good idea to discuss what "careful" actually means to you in practice.
Rachel Miller

How to Be Supportive When a Friend Comes Out to You

Don’t try to set them up with the only other queer person you know, who they have absolutely nothing in common with.
Rachel Miller

The Best Tiny DIY Pride Floats Made by Our Readers

"The celebration of Pride for me is a mix of strength and joy. The strength of a community and its continuous efforts to reach equality."
Rachel Miller

11 Tiny Pride Floats to Help You Celebrate This Year

Come along for a DIY celebration—and make your own float to join the parade, too.
Rachel Miller

How to Talk to Relatives Who Care More About Looting Than Black Lives

If you're not Black but want to support BLM, having fraught conversations with your kinda (or definitely) racist loved ones will likely not be fun, but it’s a very worthy undertaking.
Rachel Miller

40 Non-Boring Ideas for Celebrating Pride Without Leaving Your House

Pick a unifying theme. Sext with a hot queer. Read the work of your LGBTQ forebears. Tell the cat she's gay.
Rachel Miller
Amy Rose Spiegel

Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Really Going Through It Right Now

If images of Black suffering have left you feeling sad and angry and overwhelmed, here are some things you might do to get a tiny bit of relief.
Rachel Miller

'A Friend Sent Me a Long List of All the Ways I Suck—What Do I Do?'

Simply ignoring it and pretending everything is cool won’t do either of you any favors, and is likely to cause more stress for everyone in the long run.
Rachel Miller
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How to Say No to a 'Socially Distant' Wedding or Other Major Life Ritual

It's difficult to believe that people are insisting it's fine to attend their in-person celebration because "everyone will be wearing masks"—and to talk to them about why you won't be there.
Rachel Miller