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7 People Talk About Not Being Able to Make Rent During a Pandemic

Some have been on a rent strike, some are on the verge of eviction, some are dealing with landlords who suggest letting a stranger's family move in to help share the cost of rent.
Reina Sultan

11 People Talk About Confronting Racist Salary Discrimination at Work

"My boss told me I wouldn't be getting a promotion or pay raise that cycle. I asked for some feedback, and he said I lacked 'polish.' When I asked what that meant, he said, 'You know, your hair, and stuff.'"
Reina Sultan
personal finance

10 Newly Unemployed People on What It's Like to Lose Your Job in a Pandemic

"Relying on a social safety net with rent relief or universal healthcare—especially in this busted-ass country—is downright unfathomable."
Reina Sultan

7 People on What It's Like to Break Up During the COVID-19 Pandemic

"It was a deep, raw, emotional conversation, and the FaceTime aspect definitely added a weird element of sterility."
Reina Sultan

13 Essential Workers Describe What Their Lives Are Like Right Now

"Workers consistently ask our bosses to reduce public access, remaining open but preventing customers from aimlessly wandering our aisles and increasing our risk of infection. They refuse."
Reina Sultan

9 People on Being Trapped Between Work, High-Risk Caregiving, and COVID-19

"Mom doesn't leave the house except to see her main doctor. I keep hand sanitizer in my Uber since I can't afford to stop driving. We're not sure what else to do."
Reina Sultan

5 Horror Stories About the Cost of Health Care Even When You Have Insurance

"After a car accident, an emergency services bill grew to $75,000. We decided declaring bankruptcy was our only option."
Reina Sultan

6 People Describe Being Stopped and Frisked When Bloomberg Was Mayor of NYC

“We heard someone scream, ‘Hey!’ I didn’t turn around, but one of my friends did—thank God, because the person yelling was a cop with his gun drawn on us.”
Reina Sultan

A Guide to Bystander Intervention Without Calling the Cops

If you think police may make a tense situation more dangerous, try bystander intervention, a harm-prevention strategy based on helping out in the moment.
Reina Sultan

7 Americans on the Islamophobia They Faced at Home Because of War Abroad

To better understand how conflict with Iran might lead to a spike in domestic hatred, I asked other young Muslims about their personal experiences of bigotry during wartime.
Reina Sultan