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Peruvian Soul Food Is Made with Natural Viagra

Maca, the radish-like root vegetable used in traditional Peruvian cooking, has joined teff and freekeh as another grainy “superfood.” High in nutrients, some Peruvian chefs say the powder can also boost sexual function.
Rich McEachran

A Spray Made from Plant Extract Could Eliminate the Concept of ‘In Season’ Fruit

Scientists have developed new coatings to be sprayed on fruit and vegetables directly after harvest. Made from natural plant extracts, some say it will allow certain fruits to be stored all year round.
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We Should Be Growing More Dragon Fruit

Agriculture research organisations say that the pink, scaley fruit’s hardiness and ability to adapt to different environments makes it a valuable but “underutilised” crop. It can also turn your pee red.
Rich McEachran

This Lab-Grown Sweetener Is Trying to Cure Our Sugar Addiction

As our sugar intake grows, an Israeli company claims to have invented a lab-grown substitute that could reduce sugar content in food by half and cut manufacturing processes.
Rich McEachran

This Bitter-Tasting Plant Powder Could Improve African Food Security

High in vitamin C and with more potassium than bananas, moringa powder already has a lot going for it, but there are also claims it could help producers in Ghana and Niger.
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An Egg Made Out of Fruit Peel Could Solve Mexico’s Obesity Crisis

A Monterrey-based startup has developed an ingredient made from recovered fruit parts that it hopes could replace eggs in Mexico’s fat-laden baked goods.
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food waste

Cut Food Waste By Eating Your Water Bottles

The internet lost its shit over KFC’s plans to sell edible coffee cups, but the Scoff-ee is nothing new. Shot glasses made from potatoes and algae water bottles both offer solutions to food packaging waste.
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