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Alex Smith is Good Enough

The perfectly fine Chiefs quarterback presents the midpoint between the two most important QBs in the NFL: the untouchable Brady, who he faces on Thursday, and Colin Kaepernick, who won Smith's job in San Francisco in 2012.
Robert O'Connell
tampa bay rays

There's a New Philosophy in Tampa: Just Mash Baby

These are not Joe Maddon's Rays. They're content to wallop baseballs, and fine with whiffing on them, too.
Robert O'Connell

If Devin Booker's Historic 70-Point Game Was an NBA Springtime Anomaly, Then it Was a Gorgeous One

The 70-spot may have had an empty-calorie component to it, but that's in keeping with the built-in oddity of NBA springtime.
Robert O'Connell
Boston Celtics

The Celtics Proved they Can Hang with the Best, but Can they Beat Them?

In one week, the Celtics knocked off both presumptive finals teams. Can they do it in the playoffs?
Robert O'Connell
russell westbrook

Russell Westbrook, Who Will Not Stop, Scores Career-High 58 Points

It's hard to pick out specifics from this game to illustrate how good Westbrook is because, well, what's the most important gallon in a tsunami?
Robert O'Connell

The World Needs a Rockets-Spurs Playoff Series

Kawhi Leonard and James Harden are perfect representations of their teams, and please, God, let them meet up in the playoffs.
Robert O'Connell
Golden State Warriors

Without Durant, the Warriors Don't Have a Failsafe

Thursday's loss to the Bulls showed what can happen to the Warriors if their shots aren't falling and Durant's not there to get to the rim.
Robert O'Connell

Lou Williams Has Always Been a Houston Rocket at Heart

Williams will fit in nicely with the Rockets' trigger-happy system.
Robert O'Connell
DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie Cousins in New Orleans Could be a Whole Lot of Fun

Teaming with Anthony Davis could give us a duo like we saw with the Tim Duncan and David Robinson Spurs.
Robert O'Connell

The Thunder's Beef With the Warriors Won't Be Enough to Make This a Rivalry

When the boos have quieted down and the novelty wear off, great teams still beat good ones.
Robert O'Connell
russell westbrook

The Case Against the Russell Westbrook Triple-Double Watch: Russell Westbrook

If Dominique Wilkins was the Human Highlight Reel, Russell Westbrook is the Human Montage.
Robert O'Connell
cavs-wizards game

Cavs-Wizards Was Basketball at its Purest and Most Fun

This game had everything, and since it happened in a the middle of the winter and not the playoffs, we could enjoy everything.
Robert O'Connell