Rosemary Westwood


Trump’s Plan to Eliminate AIDS Is Missing the Thing That Works Best

Making sure HIV-positive people have health insurance is key to ending the epidemic, yet the GOP is limiting the Medicaid expansion in several states.
Rosemary Westwood

Gun Control Will Only Happen if Gun Families Make It Happen

"Gun owners have the same value system that all Americans do, which is that we want to keep our families safe."
Rosemary Westwood

Pissed Off Hunters Are Ready for Real Gun Control Despite the NRA

“I have heard for decades that hunters all have to stand together or we'll hang separately, and I don't buy that.”
Rosemary Westwood
fake plastic trees

Scientists Are Creating Christmas Trees That Don't Shed Their Needles

“Messiness” has been identified as the main reason consumers avoid real trees. Scientists are finding ways around it.
Rosemary Westwood
outer limits

Bugs Are the Worst Part of Going Outside and Climate Change Is Making It Worse

Bug spray will soon be as ubiquitous as sunscreen. Long sleeves in hot weather will lose their dorky reputation.
Rosemary Westwood
land loss

Louisiana’s Plan to Punch a Hole in the Mississippi River

To save coastline, the state is attempting the “most important environmental construction project in US history.”
Rosemary Westwood

Florida Bills Would Let Citizens Remove Textbooks That Mention Climate Change and Evolution

One resident complained that “evolution is now taught as fact”.
Rosemary Westwood
bp oil spill

Mutated Fish Still Haunt Louisiana’s Fishermen After the BP Oil Spill

The devastating spill completely revolutionized oil spill research.
Rosemary Westwood