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The 2010s Were the Decade That Genre Collapsed

Over the past 10 years, our collective cultural melting pot has boiled over, giving us exciting young artists who resist fitting into any box at all.
Sam Goldner
Games Features

The Composer of Kingdom Hearts Has Never Stopped Reinventing Herself

A master of disparate styles, Shimomura achieved greatness without pretense.
Sam Goldner

Haruomi Hosono Has Made So Many Great Records He Can't Remember Them All

Upon his long-awaited return to the United States for sold-out shows on both coasts, the 71-year-old Japanese legend reflects on a lifetime of playful experiments.
Sam Goldner

Erika de Casier's R&B Feels Like Hitting the Club with an Old Friend

The hit-after-hit energy of her debut album 'Essentials' earns its title, which nods to classic best-of CDs.
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Noisey Next

Lena Raine's Digital Ambience Can Make You Panic or Help You Relax

Her soundtrack work for the acclaimed platformer 'Celeste' earned her scores of awards and a spot onstage next to Hans Zimmer. Her debut solo album 'Oneknowing' was made, in part, as a way of dealing with the sudden spotlight.
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In Memoriam

Remembering Mark Hollis, Pop Music's Quiet Rebel

Before his death this week at the age of 64, the Talk Talk songwriter made a few albums that felt like a secret scripture. Then he left it all behind.
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The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting Into City Pop, Tokyo’s Lush 80s Nightlife Soundtrack

Once derided as MOR muzak for yuppies, the glitzy genre that drew on funk, soul, disco, and lounge has become beloved by collectors and experimenters. Here's where to start.
Rob Arcand
Sam Goldner

Get Lost in Kelly Moran's Multi-Dimensional Piano Music

The composer and pianist, now touring in Oneohtrix Point Never's band, has a new album of more free-flowing improvisatory music called 'Ultraviolet.' It feels both personal and infinite.
Sam Goldner