Piers Morgan Forgot to Challenge Donald Trump on Anything

Whenever someone goes on 'Good Morning Britain' to defend trans rights they can't get a word in edgeways. Yet, when the most powerful man in the world said global warming doesn't exist, Morgan was suddenly left speechless.
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black mirror

Charlie Brooker Talks to Us About 'USS Callister'

In season four, 'Black Mirror' makes its first trip into space.
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Some Thoughts

The "Old Taylor" Isn't Dead If She's Still Holding a Grudge

Only Taylor Swift 1.0 would write "Look What You Made Me Do" about moving on but fill it with barbed jabs about karma.
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Welcome to Life in Stormzy's Britain

The grime star's success is no happy accident: He seized on a moment to shape youth culture in his image.
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MIA Has Scores to Settle

"I'm sick of being told to shut up and just talk about my own experience."
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Holy Shit

MIA Returns with a New "AudioVisual Project" a.k.a. a Really Good Music Video

Watch it now on Apple Music.
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Remembering Things

Noisey UK Pays Tribute to Zane Lowe Before He Moves to America, the Greatest Country on Earth

Vice's head of music reflects on working with the most enthusiastic man in radio.
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Holy Shit

We Hope You Like Topless Dudes and Stock Footage of Lightning Because Taylor Just Dropped the Video for "Style"

Daydreams, James Dean, etc. etc.
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Longreads Or Whatever

A Look at Pete Doherty's Time at a Thai Rehab Facility

Through pictures, videos, and an interview with the founder of the Hope Rehab Center, we understand Pete's most promising recovery.
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Woah, Dude!

That SOPHIE and Diplo Track Rumored to be from the New Madonna LP Has Leaked

Sounds like PC Music ffs.
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we saw this

What We Made Of The Knife's Last Ever Show In Reykjavik

Björk watched on as they bowed out with a rallying cry at Iceland Airwaves.
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Thinkpieces And Shit

I Listened to the New Taylor Swift Album Before You Did

And this is what it sounds like.
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