Sarah Burke


This Queer, Native Photographer Uses 'Cowthem' Culture to Decolonize Gender

"I see these self-portraits as a form of visual sovereignty."
Sarah Burke

Meet the Cholo Rap Artists Behind 'Homo-Hop'

Deadlee and Baby Boi Slim make unapologetic music about being gay and Latino.
Sarah Burke

Meet the Trans Migrants Fighting for Their Sisters in Detention

In the latest episode of LATIN-X, we learn about the daily lives of Latinx trans women on the Arizona border, and their fight for fellow LGBTQ migrants in detention.
Angie Jaime
Sarah Burke

This Artist Is Redesigning the Strap-On for Millennials

To create STRAPP, artist and sex educator Shawné Michaelain Holloway asked a diverse range of strap-on users how she could improve an old classic.
Sarah Burke
Black Power Naps

These Artists Want Black People to Sleep

In "Black Power Naps," Afro-Latinx artists Fannie Sosa and niv Acosta create a series of "devices" that invite Black people to rest and heal. Broadly has partnered with the artists on a magazine about sleep equity, rejuvenation, and resilience.
Sarah Burke
The Survey

We Asked Saoirse Ronan To Do a Myspace Survey

The "Mary Queen of Scots" star indulges in an early 2000s tradition.
Sarah Burke

16 Young People on How They Made a Political Impact Without Voting

In advance of the midterm elections, high schoolers around the country canvassed for campaigns, created custom voter guides, and, uh, organized events with Natalie Portman.
Sarah Burke
Intersex Awareness

As an Intersex Person, Coming Out Is a Continual Struggle

Stigma and lack of representation mean living openly as intersex requires explaining my identity over and over again. But it's absolutely worth it.
Serena Board

13 Surreal Portraits of Post-Human Creature Drag

Bay Area artist and performer Jader specializes in full-body interspecies transformations.
Sarah Burke

Inside a Rally of Hundreds Telling Trump Trans People #WontBeErased

After a leaked Department of Health and Human Services memo revealed an agenda to strip 1.4 million trans Americans of gender recognition on Sunday, LGBTQ people and allies gathered in New York City's Washington Square Park to protest.
Diana Tourjée
Sara David
Sarah Burke
Queerly Beloved

A Story of Friendship That Started with a Letter from Prison

On this week's episode of Queerly Beloved, a trans woman helps a gay incarcerated man reconnect with his mother after years of estrangement.
Sarah Burke
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Eritreans talked to us about life after being pushed out of Israel

Back in Africa: What happened to the asylum seekers deported from Israel?
Sarah Burke
Yousra Elbagir