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Our Interview with Bob Odenkirk Made Him Hate Himself

The 'Better Call Saul' actor and comedian sat down with VICE to talk about Catholic guilt, why interviews suck, and his desire to change the past.
Sarah Sahim

Niall Horan Will Never Escape One Direction and That's a Good Thing

He's no Zayn but well, he's no Zayn so who really cares.
Sarah Sahim

How to Speak Sarah Palin's Patriotic American: A Guide by British People

Are you a Mexican immigrant? Are you worried about not having learned the glorious language known as American? Fear not, for us Brits have got you covered.
Sarah Sahim

'Plus-Size Kim Kardashian' Is Out to Fight the Haters

Nadia Aboulhosn, the Lebanese-American plus size blogger, designer and model talked to Broadly about creating positive spaces, dealing with haters, and her quest for sartorial domination.
Sarah Sahim

Media Outlets Falsely Report Lebanese Journalist Was Attacked During Protests

Earlier this week, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation reported that journalist Nada Andraos Aziz was attacked by protesters in Beirut. She later said the protesters were protecting her.
Sarah Sahim

Afghanistan's Tech Revolution is Coming and Roya Mahboob is at the Helm

Roya Mahboob is just one of many Afghan women taking it upon themselves to educate girls in the world of tech. From coding to accounting to graphic design, Mahboob's nonprofit, Digital Citizen Fund, is giving future generations of Afghan women the...
Sarah Sahim