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Brazil fires

Only 8 People in This Indigenous Tribe Still Speak Their Native Language. The Amazon Fires May Wipe It Out Completely.

Indigenous leaders have said there is a “physical, environmental, and cultural genocide” in the Amazon.
Sarah Sax

How Newark got lead in its water, and what it means for the rest of America

Close to half of Newark homes tested have lead in their water. Residents are outraged.
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hurricane florence

“You can feel the spray”: Poop lagoons are making life hell for African-Americans in North Carolina

Hurricane Florence flooded many hog waste pits, but the problem has plagued the community for decades.
Sarah Sax
hurricane florence

Alligators, dead chickens, and E. coli: This is what lurks in the Florence floodwaters

Sarah Sax
What's in the water

Hurricane Florence is turning North Carolina into a toxic stew of pig poop, sewage, and coal ash

Over a dozen pig "poop lagoons" have overflowed or are badly compromised.
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hurricane florence

Hog farmers in North Carolina are praying their poop lagoons hold through Florence

In the days before the hurricane hit, farmers raced to drain the open-air shit pits before the rain came. Now, it’s a waiting game.
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Phoenix is trying to fight deadly heat — and we should all take note

By 2050, Phoenix will spend close to 150 days a year combatting temperatures of 105℉.
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The government says America’s most polluted lake is now clean. Just don't eat the fish.

After a $1 billion cleanup, the county and the main polluter are still trying to convince people that the lake is safe to use.
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A grandma chained herself inside a Ford Pinto to try to stop a fracked gas pipeline in West Virginia

The 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline will transport 2 billion cubic feet of fracked natural gas through West Virginia.
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Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt's crowd-sourced legal defense fund could become "snake pit for conflicts"

His plan to crowdfund his legal expenses might be another way for lobbyists to curry favor
Agnes Walton
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Australia is now milking its camels instead of shooting them from helicopters

Got (camel) milk?
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Lee Doyle
climate action

We got MIT scientists to explain their research to first graders

Learn about plant nanobionics with the first grade class of Brooke East Boston.
Jika Gonzalez
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Shilpi Gupta