Sascha Cohen

You Know Who Rules?

The Disability Advocate Risking Her Life to Save Health Care

Kati McFarland has traveled the country—facing arrest and detention multiple times—to confront Congress members seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Sascha Cohen

What Comes After the Death of the Lesbian Bar?

As America's last holdouts of queer female nightlife fall, a new, genderless alternative is taking root.
Sascha Cohen

Read All Your Hate Mail: Anita Hill's Advice on the Fight for Equality

With reports of sexual misconduct cropping up in pretty much every industry, we spoke to the woman responsible for changing the dialogue about workplace sexual harassment.
Sascha Cohen

The Columbine Shooters, the Girls Who Love Them, and Me

I'm not revolted when I scroll through the adoring Columbine posts. They often appear in between photos of self-harm wounds and missives about loneliness. Instead, I feel pangs of sadness, pity, and on a bad day, recognition.
Sascha Cohen

Anne Beatts, Laughter Pioneer

During a time when comedic institutions like SNL were largely impenetrable boys' clubs, Anne Beatts leveraged her connections, developed her own voice, and wrote some of the most edgy satire of the 1970s.
Sascha Cohen

​The Rise of Segregationist Sweetheart Sammie Dean Parker

In the annals of hate, Sammie Dean Parker is part of the long tradition of pretty white women using their vaulted position in society to retard its progress.
Sascha Cohen