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Are Parents Growing Weary of Football?

Only four percent parents would suggest their kid take up football. Parents are six times more likely to prefer a relatively safer sport like soccer.
Smriti Sinha
handshake for peace

There Goes Sepp Blatter's Dream Of Winning A Nobel Peace Prize

FIFA is upset that the Nobel Peace Center is not acting in the "spirit of fair play" after the organization terminated its association with the soccer body.
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Islamic State

Former British Boxing Champion Charged With Joining ISIS

Anthony Small felt that as a Muslim he could no longer pursue a career in boxing.
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Stephen A Smith Can't Stop Being Sexist, Dumb

Here comes another masterpiece of misogyny from Stephen A. Smith.
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barry sanders signed urinal

A Barry Sanders Signed Urinal Went For $3,000 on eBay

Sanders has since updated his terms and conditions. No more urinal signings for sure this time.
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steve kerr lied

"You Don't Win The Trophy For Morality": Why Steve Kerr Lied About The Lineup

Kerr felt telling the truth would be like knocking on David Blatt’s door and saying, “Hey, this is what we’re going to do.”
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disgruntled people

Ex-USWNT Coach Pia Sundhage Rips Abby Wambach and Hope Solo

Sundhage says the U.S. players were a challenging bunch to coach, and that Wambach would just be a sub if she was still in charge.
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djokovic's injuries are a joke

Federer and Djokovic's Friendship Is Fake, Says Boris Becker

Djokovic's coach says the two don't particularly like each other, and the men's tour is a "little too politically correct."
Smriti Sinha

Q&A with Eric Wynalda: U.S. Can't Come Into The Tournament Expecting To Win

Eric Wynalda thinks that the we need to be sure that the U.S. soccer federation is 100% clean, and that the women should expect a tough World Cup.
Smriti Sinha

Dom Dwyer And The Gift Of Taking Chances

At 17, Dom Dwyer came to the U.S. thinking his pro dream was over. Last season, he became the MLS's second leading goal-scorer.
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goalie moves

Tim Howard Blocks Soccer Balls, Controversies

The USMNT goalkeeper avoided taking a hard stance on anything FIFA.
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Serena Williams

The Unlikely Resurrection of Timea Bacsinszky

Two years after she quit tennis to work in the hotel industry, Timea Bacsinszky is playing the first Grand Slam semifinal of her career.
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