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Paris bans all cars made before 1997 to reduce pollution

As part of an effort to appease old-car owners, Paris residents who give up their car will be granted up to 400 euros towards a new bicycle, or a yearlong public transport pass.
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Euro 2016

France Launches Anti-Prostitution Campaign At the Euro Soccer Championship

Officials hope the campaign will raise awareness around human trafficking and France's new anti-prostitution law, which forbids clients paying for sex.
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Widow Challenges French Law That Prohibits Using a Dead Man’s Sperm to Get Pregnant

A young Spanish woman whose husband passed away last year has asked France to hand over his frozen sperm so that she can have his child in Spain.
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Paris Retailers Are Giving Out Free Meals, Haircuts, and Toothbrushes to the Homeless

Sixty retailers have signed up for the scheme, which seeks to provide the homeless in the 11th Arrondissement with basic necessities and services.
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France to Deploy Elite Anti-Terror Police Unit to Secure World's Most Famous Cycle Race

France's interior minister announced Tuesday that exceptional security measures would be introduced to protect the 2016 Tour de France amid a prolonged state of national emergency.
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French Rail Company Invests in Elon Musk's Near-Supersonic, Levitating Train of the Future

The new system would see passengers in pods hurtling through pressurized tubes.
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Expect More Cops, Bomb Experts, and Searches at This Year's Cannes Film Festival

"Exceptional" security measures have been put into place to protect cinephiles who will gather this month for the French Riviera city's 69th annual film festival.
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One of France's Top Cops Is on Trial for Allegedly Spying on Police for Drug Dealers

Former French supercop Michel Neyret went on trial in Paris Monday, charged with a long list of criminal offenses, including leaking confidential information to his informants in exchange for money.
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