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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me on YouTube!

Over the past 20 or so months, some of the biggest stars in the world have turned to something people do to get famous in the first place: vlogging.
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Donald Trump

Movie Studio Owner Has No Idea Why the White House Said His Company Made the Fake Kim Jong-un Movie Trailer

The owner of Destiny Pictures says his company 'had no involvement' in Trump's movie trailer.
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culture war

Did 'Star Wars' Actor Kelly Marie Tran Scrap Her Instagram Because of Trolls?

'The Last Jedi' became a battle in the culture war, and Kelly Marie Tran was caught in the middle of it.
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New Estimate Puts Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll at Nearly 5,000

The official number still sits at 64, but new research shows the number may be more than 70 times higher.
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Mark Zuckerberg Escapes Unscathed From European Parliamentary Questioning

Yet again, Facebook’s CEO avoided publicly answering tough questions from lawmakers.
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Facebook Reminds Teens It Still Exists With New 'Youth Portal'

Zuckerberg's latest effort says it wants to keep teens safe online.
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Google I/O

Google Is Proposing Pretty Solutions for the Monsters It Helped Create

Google's 'Digital Wellbeing' app and Google News updates are peak Silicon Valley: Too addicted to your apps? Here’s an app to help you.
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pretty please

The UK Is Pushing Zuckerberg to Testify With Extremely British, Probably Meaningless Threats

A British think tank posits that in most cases a formal summons 'is sufficient to embarrass a potential witness into appearing.'
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Jan Koum

WhatsApp Co-Founder Will Leave Facebook to Play Ultimate Frisbee

The departure is reportedly due to disagreements with Facebook.
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we get it

FDA to Teens: Why Must You Vape So Much?

Like Four Loko before it, vaping continues to land itself in the crosshairs of those faithful government issued parents, the FDA.
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This Is the Facial Recognition Tool at the Heart of a Class Action Suit Against Facebook

Facebook's 'Tag Suggestions' tool might end up costing the company a lot of money.
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Ted Cruz Really Wants to Know Why Mark Zuckerberg Hates All His Favorite Facebook Pages

Ted Cruz used his time during Tuesday's hearing to transform into your crazy uncle on Facebook.
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