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the shortstop phenomenon

From Boudreau and Rizzuto to Lindor and Seager: A History of 'Peak Shortstop' in Baseball

There have been exceptional shortstop moments before, like the American League of the late 1940s, when shortstops like Lou Boudreau and Vern Stephens muscled up and outhit their peers at other positions.
Steven Goldman

Hall of Fame Voters Shift on Steroids, But That Won't Help Sammy Sosa

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens seem well-positioned to receive Hall of Fame voters' pardon over the next few years. Sammy Sosa has made no such progress.
Steven Goldman

Rest In Peace To Ralph Branca, Whose Life Was Bigger Than One Pitch

Ralph Branca was a fine pitcher who threw the pitch that became "The Shot Heard 'Round The World." What defined his life was what came after all that.
Steven Goldman
Chicago Cubs

Cubs Come Back from Down 3-1 as History Prepares to Repeat Itself

In 1968, the Cardinals blew a 3-1 lead to the Tigers, and the country was a disaster.
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world series

With a World Series Win, Players, not Just the Franchises, Will be Liberated

After tonight, one of these franchises will have a few less also-rans in their franchise histories.
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world series

Who Would Win: The 1908 Cubs, or the 1948 Indians?

We compared the 1908 Cubs to the 1948 Indians to see who would win. It's a close call.
Steven Goldman

Hey Managers, Stop Overthinking It: Looking Back at the NLDS and Ahead to the NLCS

In playoff baseball, managers often ask their players to do things they haven't done all season. Except for Joe Maddon, who's been doing it all year.
Steven Goldman

The End Is Never Right, It Just Is: So Long, David Ortiz

David Ortiz could not control how his career ended, but no one will remember him for how his career ended.
Steven Goldman
san francisco giants

What's Behind the Giants Even-Year Success?

Are the Giants a magical franchise prophesied to win on even years for time immemorial, or is it just random?
Steven Goldman
wilson ramos

Is the Wilson Ramos Injury the Straw that Broke the Nationals Back?

Wilson Ramos is just the latest in a string of troubling injuries for the Nationals and their postseason aspirations.
Steven Goldman
gary sanchez

Gary Sanchez Will Probably Cool Off, But He Also Could Just Be This Good

Gary Sanchez has slugged his way into the Rookie of the Year debate. Can he keep it up?
Steven Goldman

Let's Skip the Cy Young Award This Year

Without a dominant pitcher in either league, perhaps this might be the year to pass on awarding the Cy Young in both leagues.
Steven Goldman