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Suicide-by-Text Is a Disturbing New Form of Domestic Violence

Prosecutors dealing with a real problem risk painting women as having almost supernatural powers with which to manipulate.
Susan Zalkind

The 25-Year-Old Accused of Murdering His Mother and Grandfather Is On Trial—for Boat Insurance

Nathan Carman finally reached the witness stand, but it wasn't for murder.
Susan Zalkind
Late Capitalism

The College Scam Defendants' Privilege Is Following Them into Court

“You get what you pay for. It’s really as simple as that.”
Susan Zalkind
sexual assault

She's Smarter Than Them

Christine Blasey Ford served as her own expert witness and demolished the arguments against her story.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

Kavanaugh Shows the Disgusting Underbelly of America's Elite Schools

Bizarre-sounding rituals. Twisted nicknames. Allegations of sex crimes. And of course this guy might become a Supreme Court justice.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

The Mysterious Swan Song of Mafia Killer 'Cadillac Frank'

The Whitey Bulger pal and former head of the mob in New England just got life in prison. But he went out with a bang, hyping FBI corruption.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

Why We're Obsessed with Killer Nannies

An ongoing murder trial in New York and the book inspired by the case point to a special brand of primal fear that isn't as simple as you might think.
Susan Zalkind

What It Was Like to Survive an Elite Prep School Rape Saga Before #MeToo

Chessy Prout watched her assailant go to jail. Now she's telling her story.
Susan Zalkind

The Odd Trial of the Man Accused of Plotting to Behead Pamela Geller for ISIS

David Wright's lawyer says he was a fat loser playing games. The feds say he was part of a dangerous terror cell determined to outdo the Boston Marathon bombing.
Susan Zalkind

Teamsters Found Not Guilty in Bizarre 'Top Chef' Extortion Case

The trial pitted producers of a popular TV show against old-school union guys in Boston, and the verdict looks like a boon for organized labor in America.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

Michelle 'Suicide-by-Text' Carter Just Got Sentenced to Jail

The 20-year-old was convicted of manslaughter in June for telling her boyfriend to kill himself.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

The Strange Extortion Trial Pitting Teamsters Against 'Top Chef'

Allegations of slashed tires, misogynistic and ethnic threats, and terrified reality TV producers—this federal case has it all.
Susan Zalkind