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The Enduring Appeal of Stealing Tiki Mugs

Tiki has always been about fantasy, but some drinkers go as far as taking home a souvenir from their boozy staycation inside a tiki bar.
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I Was Insane Until I Started Drinking Broth

Being a manic chef ended up making me physically ill. I was stressed, overweight, depressed, and I felt like shit all the time. When I started drinking broth, I realized it was not only delicious and great to sip on, but also really healing.
Marco Canora

Inside the Final Hours of One of New York’s Best Restaurants

During the last week of service at Betony, the staff realized something that had been there all along.
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Why This Recovering Alcoholic Wants Restaurant Workers to Stop Meeting in Bars

Having struggled with addiction, Anthony Rudolf wanted to create a better space for restaurant industry workers to gather and exchange ideas than a crowded bar at 3 AM.
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This Chef’s Korean Ramen Is a Dish Best Served Cold

“Korean ramen, in the way I make it, is something that I basically made up,” says chef Esther Choi of Mokbar.
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The First Soju Made from Grapes Could Spare You a Killer Hangover

“I always like to say, ‘Drink different, drink better,’” says Carolyn Kim of Yobo Soju. Considering that most soju promises the world's worst hangover, that's wise advice.
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Makgeolli Is the Drink of Choice for Farmers, Korean Rappers, and Old People

As South Korea’s most popular alcohol until 1988, makgeolli was favored among farmers and the working class. It's recently made a comeback among Korean youth and even celebrities who put creedence in its reputation as a healthier booze.
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Google Search Helped This Food Runner Learn How to Work in a Restaurant

There is an invisible force in almost every restaurant that magically delivers your food with a ghost-like presence, and David Blaine is not involved. This person—the food runner—is a key part of your dining experience. I spoke with a ballsy one who...
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Charging Your Cellphone at a Restaurant Is Rude

Modern technology has completely revolutionized the dining experience in a myriad of positive ways. But please, stop asking us to charge your cell phones in the restaurant or bar.
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Sexism in the Kitchen Goes Both Ways

We talked to a female pastry chef about sexism in the restaurant industry, flirting with co-workers, boss dynamics, and woman-on-woman prejudice who also happens to develop crushes on her male bosses.
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This Ivy League Degree Bartender Is Probably Smarter Than You

Young people are increasingly resorting to work in the service industry to make ends meet after college. That's how this bartender found his unexpected calling, even though most of his customers thinks he's a completely incompetent idiot.
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I’m Fugly, and I Won’t Be Your Waiter Tonight

The food industry employs 10 percent of the American workforce, and many restaurants are breaking anti-discrimination laws by requiring applicants to submit head shots—which means, if you're ugly, you might not get hired.
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