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extreme diet

This Man Survives on Exactly Zero Glasses of Water a Day

Peter Filak—a former nurse and a current cam model—doubts the very premise of hydration, claiming to have not taken a sip of water since 2012. He hopes to reach 150 years old.
Talia Ralph
urban farming

A Temporary Urban Farm Grows in Brooklyn

On the former site of Williamsburg's Domino Sugar Factory, a group of urban farmers are tending to a unique project: an edible garden with planned obsolescence.
Talia Ralph

Food Addiction Is Real, Rock-Bottom Pain

Though many people have unhealthy relationships with food to varying degrees, managing true food addiction can be as difficult as battling a serious substance abuse problem.
Talia Ralph

There's Not Enough Sustainable Beef in the World to Feed Your Fast-Food Addiction

Earlier this year, McDonald's pledged to start sourcing sustainable beef for its burgers. But what does that even mean? With beef prices at record highs and no agreed-upon definition, “sustainable beef” ending up in your Big Mac anytime soon seems a...
Talia Ralph

Seriously Though, Why Are All These Salmonella Outbreaks Happening?

Lately, the news seems to be clogged up with stinky situations: salmonella outbreaks. But how and why do these outbreaks occur, and who is to blame for our intestinal disasters, especially with the Food Safety Modernization Act in play?
Talia Ralph

Hold Onto Your Bowels, There's a Salmonella Chia Seed Outbreak

This month’s latest food-poisoning outbreak that’s sweeping North America isn't being pinned on shoddy restaurant hygiene practices.
Talia Ralph

Hey Canada, Why Don't You Have Food Stamps?

I'm a Canadian ex-pat living the US, and have noticed something strange: My homeland is missing any formal nutrition assistance programs at the federal or provincial level—it doesn’t even have a plan to feed kids at school, regardless of income.
Talia Ralph
food politics

Your Burger Could Be the Next Big Terrorist Target

Since September 11th, 2001, the US government has been focused on preventing another terrorist attack. But while there's a huge focus on anti-terrorism efforts, our food supply is one of the most vulnerable infrastructures at risk.
Talia Ralph