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Meet Maura Healey, the female state attorney general who's sued Trump the most

"No one is above the law, even the president of the United States."
Taylor Dolven

Being a kid is a "negative factor" under Trump's new immigration rule

“A person’s age may impact his or her ability to legally or physically work and is therefore relevant to being self-sufficient, and the likelihood of becoming a public charge.”
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New Jersey sheriff who earned $12M from ICE resigns over racist remarks

“Without question, the comments made on that recording are appalling," said Gov. Phil Murphy.
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high school

There’s nothing strange about investigating a Supreme Court nominee’s high school conduct

Background searches generally go to age 18, but they can go further back if there's a pattern of concerning behavior.
Shawna Thomas
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border patrol

Border Patrol agent shot four women in the head and left them by the side of the road, authorities say

Juan David Ortiz confessed to killing four women who authorities say were sex workers.
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Trump is still keeping babies away from their migrant parents for minor crimes

The Department of Homeland Security is suspending parental rights of immigrant parents for minor crimes or even just allegations of crimes.
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These separated immigrant families are getting a second shot at asylum

Under pressure from judge, Trump agrees to reopen asylum cases for some immigrant parents and kids.
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ICE is trying to deport a disabled man who has been in the U.S. for 35 years

Due to a cognitive disability, he does not fully understand that he could soon be forced to leave.
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washington and lee

Faculty consider leaving college named for Robert E. Lee after president rejects recommended changes to campus

One black humanities professor, T.J. Tallie, left the school last year over its unwillingness to make changes that would attract a more diverse student body.
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mandatory minimums

How Chris Young landed in prison for life — and how Kim Kardashian plans to save him

A non-violent drug offense at 22 leads to a life behind bars with no parole.
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Toddler death

Congressional Hispanic Caucus wants answers on Mariee, the toddler who died after leaving ICE custody

They want investigators to determine if the Dilley family detention center gave Mariee the necessary medical treatment
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Texas Congressman demands answers from ICE in toddler’s death: “I want to know what our government knew about this child"

"I want to know whether anyone or the facility will be held accountable for creating the conditions that led to her passing.”
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