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T.I. on 15 Years of 'Trap Muzik': "I Wanted to Make a Classic"

The legendary rapper talks to us about the 2003 album that helped give trap its name—and yes, Gucci Mane comes up, too.
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Light it up

Older People's Music-Related Memories of Being Unbelievably High

People nearing, or in, retirement used to get absolutely lit. We asked them about the times when LSD, weed, hash, and music collided.
Thomas Hobbs

The Stories of Trans People Taken Too Soon

A staggering 45 percent of trans people in the UK have attempted suicide.
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Marlon Brando Played His Last Ever Role in Drag as a Mean Old Lady

As Brando was on his deathbed, he took on one last project: playing an elderly factory owner named Mrs Sour in the animated film "Big Bug Man." We spoke to his voice coach about training with the acting legend.
Thomas Hobbs

The 1940s Horror Movie That Embraced Lesbianism and Satanism

Homosexuality was still taboo in 1943, but that didn't stop long-forgotten noir film "The Seventh Victim" from boldly tackling female desire onscreen.
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The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Maggie’s Cafe Is a Greasy Spoon and Proud of It

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. Today we visit Maggie’s, a cafe that has been serving South London traditional fry-ups for 34 years.
Thomas Hobbs

The Genius of Chris Bell, One of Rock's Greatest Tragedies

When he died aged 27, the local paper described him as "the son of a local restaurateur". But this story, of a talented Memphis kid who formed rock's first cult band, goes worlds beyond.
Thomas Hobbs
culinary legends

Ruth Rogers Built The River Café with Girl Power and Egg Tagliarini

The culinary partnership between Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray is responsible for iconic British Italian restaurant The River Café. “Rose and I didn’t sleep until we had made egg tagliarini every way possible,” says Rogers.
Thomas Hobbs

Diving Deep into the NSFW Side of LinkedIn

Ever since the "social network for professionals" changed the way its timeline works, people have started trying to go viral in the hope it'll get them a job.
Thomas Hobbs

The Women Pushing Gender Out of Gaming

Gaming isn't the most women-friendly industry, but a new generation of female developers and gamers are trying to change things—or take gender out of the equation altogether.
Thomas Hobbs

What It Feels Like to Have Your Own Army of Sci-Fi Super Fans

Actor Paul McGillion talks about the legions of admirers he's gained from his role on "Stargate Atlantis."
Thomas Hobbs

How Mr. Blobby Helped Me Get Over the Premature Death of My Father

Having lost my dad suddenly at the age of four, I developed a strong bond with the bizarre, anarchic character that bordered on a kind of remote surrogacy.
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