Tim Marchman

The Police

The NYPD Won't Say How Many Social Distancing Fines It's Issuing

Exactly how many people it's hit with $1000 fines is a mystery.
Tim Marchman
covid-19 protests

The Right Wing Wants You to Die

Powerful people prefer mass death to adopting the social welfare policies of a civilized nation.
Tim Marchman

ESPN and Michael Jordan Run the Longest-Ever Michael Jordan Ads

"The Last Dance" makes the people who made it look great.
Tim Marchman
Laura Wagner
State of Surveillance

The CIA Won't Admit It Uses Slack

While other federal agencies admit everything, up to spending tens of thousands a year to maintain channels like #churchfart, the CIA will neither confirm nor deny.
Tim Marchman
2020 election

Mike Gravel’s Teen Campaign Team: Bloomberg Memes 'A Disgusting Phenomenon'

The candidate's scheme to use popular meme accounts "shows how sick American life is."
Tim Marchman
2020 elections

Docs: Shadow Inc. Directly Tied to Liberal Media Operation

“The fact that we are getting framed as nefarious for doing what the right has been doing is bullshit,” said Acronym CEO Tara McGowan.
Anna Merlan
Tim Marchman
election 2020

The Democrats Screwed America With an App No One Asked For

The Iowa caucus showed a Democratic establishment in thrall to the worst kind of techno-optimism, fixated on fancy technological solutions to problems that don’t exist.
Emanuel Maiberg
Jason Koebler
Tim Marchman

Joe Biden: It Would Be an Insult to My Dead Son for Everyone to Have Healthcare

The former vice president released an ad invoking family tragedy and attacking rivals who have plans to ensure everyone has access to healthcare.
Tim Marchman
food news

What Did Ghislaine Maxwell Order at a California Burger Place? An Investigation

The British socialite, alleged to be Jeffrey Epstein's fixer, was spotted eating... but what was she eating?
Tim Marchman