Tom Littlewood

Europe: The Final Countdown

How It Feels to Be a Brit Living in Germany After the Brexit

I'm based in Berlin, with my Italian wife and our seven-month-old kid, and it already feels as though something in the air has changed since the referendum result.
Tom Littlewood
The Psychedelic Booby Trap Issue

Meeting Victims of Ritualistic Satanic Abuse

Satanism typically conjures thoughts of dark-cloaked figures in deeply wooded areas, where they sacrifice livestock over a makeshift altar and whisper mysterious incantations in hopes of appeasing their dark lord. Maybe every once in a while they get...
Tom Littlewood
The Catastrophes Issue

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Juliane Koepcke was born a German national in Lima, Peru, in 1954, the daughter of a world-renowned zoologist (Hans-Wilhelm) and an equally revered ornithologist (Maria).
Tom Littlewood
The Conversations With Distinguished Gentlemen Issue

Ripping The Universe A New One

Last September, the opportunistic hypochondriacs who control the global media tried to convince us that the end of the universe was coming. This turned out to be an exaggeration.
Tom Littlewood
The No Photos Issue

CSI Berlin: Tatjana Bergius Used to Draw Horrible Things for the Police

Two years ago I interviewed Tatjana Bergius for the Cops Issue of <i>Vice</i> in Germany. She used to work for the Berlin police drawing rapists, murderers and other nasty people.
Tom Littlewood
The Horse's Ass Issue

Who's Hungry?

We all know that North Korea, one of the world's last socialist strongholds, has been facing a long-term economic emergency, with famine and poverty claiming 2 million lives a year at its peak.
Tom Littlewood