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Kim Jong-un Reportedly Wants North Korea To Produce The Next Lionel Messi

The Supreme Leader has got bored with intercontinental ballistic missiles, and is now focussing on nurturing North Korea’s answer to Lionel Messi instead.
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Dutch Trade Union to Sue FIFA Over Modern ‘Slavery’ in Qatar

FNV, the largest trade union in the Netherlands, has decided to take action through the Swiss courts together with a worker from Bangladesh.
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Cardona, Guerrero, Wee Joe Allen: Vice Sports Goals Of The Week

Helping to get you through the unbearable monotony of the international break, here are some magnificent goooooals!
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Former Bundesliga Defender Marcelo Pletsch Faces Up To 15 Years In Prison For Drug Trafficking

Marcelo Pletsch, who made almost 150 appearances for Borussia Monchengladbach in the early noughties, was arrested with 793kg of marijuana back in November 2015.
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Tyson Fury "Fails Test For Cocaine," Could Lose Belts

Tyson Fury has been notified that he has failed a test for cocaine, according to a report from ESPN.
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​Tyson Fury Will Not Fight Again, Says Eddie Hearn

Hearn, who looks after IBF heavyweight Anthony Joshua, says that he had hoped to pit his fighter against Fury, but no longer believes this meeting can happen.
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Balotelli, Ribery, Simone Verdi: Vice Sports Goals of the Week

It’s Friday, and we all know what that means – a great big sloppy goalgasm from VICE Sports UK!
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Jiangsu Suning Supporters Filmed Viciously Beating Shanghai Shenhua Fan

The footage appears to show an isolated Shanghai Shanhua fan being kicked, punched and pelted with food by a crowd of rival supporters, before finally making his escape.
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We Cordially Invite You To Watch Upton Park Being Blown To Pieces With Explosives

With the Hammers still struggling to adapt to life at the London Stadium, the crushing finality of this clip might leave some fans with heavy hearts.
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it was just a bit of state-sponsored doping lads

Belarus Make Pro-Russian Protest At Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Belarus’ Paralympic team carried a Russian flag through the Maracana on Wednesday evening, in protest at their neighbours’ doping ban from the Games.
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Chad Sponsors Ligue 1 Club FC Metz, Despite Being World’s Fourth-Poorest Country

Chadian officials are hoping the move will attract holidaymakers to the landlocked Central African country, despite its status as a failed state.
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mortal kombat - finish him!

Poland’s World Cup Qualifier Against Kazakhstan: Elbows, Chokeholds and a Bloody Nose

Things got really fucking tetchy between Poland and Kazakhstan on Sunday evening. Like, really fucking tetchy.
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