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‘Fusion’ Isn’t a Dirty Word for This LA Chef

Chef Jonathan Whitener's first restaurant, Here’s Looking at You, merges his Guadalajara-born mother’s cooking with Vietnamese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern flavors.
Valentina Silva
health food

How This Restaurateur Lost More Than 100 Pounds and Devoted Himself to Health Food

Sarkis Vartanian, the owner of the Daily Dose cafe in LA, lives by a simple credo: "You shouldn't feed people shit."
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Los Angeles

This LA Dinner Series Makes a Meal Out of LA’s Most Infamous Events

"After you eat dessert, you just want to shower," says one of the chefs behind the Fleiss Feast, one in a series of dinners that explore some of LA’s strangest and most devastating events.
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Hunting and Gathering on the Streets of LA

I joined Pascal Baudar, a self-professed “wild culinary alchemist,” on a foraging tour through one of LA's least forest-like neighborhoods.
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prison food

In Prison, Sharing Ramen Can Be More Powerful Than Gang Affiliation 

As an inmate, Gustavo "Goose" Alvarez managed to live through the violent Chino Prison Riots of 2009 by "breaking spread" with his fellow inmates using the most versatile food at their disposal: ramen.
Valentina Silva

This Former Firefighter Is Making Some of the Best Drinks in LA

"If I’m willing to risk my life for a random-ass person, then I have the mentality that whoever is sitting across from me should be having a good time."
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