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Skeet Ulrich from 'Riverdale' Is the Best Thing in My Life

How the former 90s heartthrob and current ‘Riverdale’ star’s social media restored my faith in the internet.
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Australia Today

South Australia Is No Longer the Chill, Weed Loving State It Once Was

Possession fines are set to quadruple.
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Tell Me What Soda You Drink, and I'll Tell You Who You Are

A children’s party with generic-brand cola sends the same message as a wedding with Aldi wine does: We’re here to fucking party.
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People Tell Us About Their First Time Masturbating

It's time you recognize your first orgasm as the seminal event it was... and then talk about it on the internet.
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What 'The Simpsons' Taught Us About Fashion

To mark the show's thirtieth anniversary, i-D is looking back at how America's favorite family has demonstrated the life-changing power of a strong look.
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The Up in Flames Issue

Your Sunscreen Is Destroying the Great Barrier Reef

And so the chain of environmental devastation continues.
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New Report Reveals an Insidious Culture of Sexual Assault and Harassment in an Australian Police Force

Alongside abusing their own members, allegations include grooming, stalking, and sexually assaulting vulnerable members of the community.
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What’s the Deal with Greening Out?

Overindulging on weed will make you feel a special kind of terror. We asked a doctor why.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

Owner of Sign Company Apologizes for Transphobic Caitlyn Jenner Sign, Invites Her to Stay at His House

"Cait is more then welcome to stay at my house with my family any time. I will have a wine or a beer with her quite happily and it would be an honour." ['sic']
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A New Zealand Student Cheater Smashed Up an Office with an Axe to Steal Her Exam Back

The unnamed 23-year-old hid in a closet inside Otago University, then broke down several doors in an apparent attempt to erase evidence of her cheating.
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Australia Is Leading the World in Ecstasy Consumption

A new study shows Aussies are absolutely pinging off chops.
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Turns Out the Great Barrier Reef Is Protecting Australia From Tsunamis

Over the last half-century, Australia has been pretty garbage to the Reef. But it turns out it's been a better pal to us, than we've been to it.
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