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Woodstock '99 Was a Violent Disaster That Predicted America's Future

The well-documented, pervasive misogyny of Woodstock '99 is more relevant to America in 2019 than the "free love" politics of its original iteration.
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Alsarah Wrote a Song for the Sudanese Uprising

The Sudan-born Alsarah and the Nubatones singer has done the only thing an artist an ocean away from her people and their struggles can do.
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In Memoriam

Scott Walker Taught Me How to Fake It Til I Make It

Remembering the influential and unorthodox artist who died this week at the age of 76.
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Longreads Or Whatever

Nothing Will Save Us

The Philadelphia underdogs are void fuckers in a time that calls for it. They rose from hardship to become one of today's most beloved cult rock bands—but they still feel misunderstood.
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You Need to Listen to Wilder Maker's 'Zion,' an Americana Scorcher

The New York City band's new album is down home Americana music for the city streets. Stream it now.
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Trip Metal Festival Is One of America's Last Refuges for Real Freaks

The Detroit festival remains one of the most forward thinking festivals in America.
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To Iceage, With Love

The Danish group's new album 'Beyondless' is wonderful. Fuck the facts, Iceage are the greatest rock and roll band in the world.
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Physique's Debut Album Is Anarchic Hardcore of Mythic Proportions

In part made up of former members of G.L.O.S.S., the d-beat destroyers set their sights on "inept politicians, land stolen from indigenous peoples, gender struggles, genetic manipulations" on 'Punk Life Is Shit.'
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A Massive Festival in Côte d’Ivoire Has Become a Vehicle for Social Action

Drawing crowds in the hundreds of thousands and boundary-pushing artists from all over Africa, the Festival of Urban Music of Anoumabo is still locally focused—using the proceeds to build schools and hospitals in Côte d’Ivoire.
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Bombino, the World's Best Guitarist™, Shares New Song "Tehigren"

The international star announces a new record called 'Deran' on May 18 via Partisan Records.
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Stream of the Crop: 10 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New projects from Nadine, No Age, Migos, and Agrimonia make this week's list of essential albums.
Alex Robert Ross
Colin Joyce
Kim Kelly
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Hollie Cook's New Album Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

'Vessel of Love,' due January 26 on Merge, is a collection of abstract, reggae-leaning love songs, born from a period of anxiety and depression.
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