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red dead

18 Games to Look Forward to in 2018

18 games to look forward to in 2018 in case the rest of the world offers us nothing.
Zack Kotzer

Is Everyone Going to Pretend 'Yoshi's Island' Is Not a Super Mario Game?

If your ‘Best Super Mario’ list doesn't include Yoshi's Island it is invalid.
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Dragon Ball Z

Virtual Reality 'Mario Kart' Is Coming to Japanese Arcades

Namco is opening the ‘largest VR entertainment facility’ in Shinjuku.
Zack Kotzer

There Are So Many Stupid Ways to Watch History Unfold Now

Why wait for news memes when you can watch them in real-time?
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Ludum Dare

Smash Tanks and Slam Dunks in This Kaiju Rhythm Game

In Super Kaiju Dunk City you dribble to the beat and lay ruin to civilization.
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Trashman Scoop

Finally, a Twitch Streamer Who’s Really Taking Out the Trash

You might not be able to play video games during your day job, but that might not stop you from streaming.
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Important Cultural Works

If Video Game Stories Don't Matter, How Do You Explain Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition?

The crown jewel of 90s full motion video games is coming to a platform that doesn’t have to compress video files.
Zack Kotzer
The origin of Rogue

Return to Dark Castle: 6 Original Mac Games You Should Play In Your Browser

The folks at have ported some gems PC gamers should catch up with.
Zack Kotzer
Mario who?

'Sonic 2' Becomes 'Yoshi’s Island' in Best, Least Sexy Mod in Ages

Recently uncovered hacking contest submission is sure to kill an afternoon.
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It's Morphin' Time

Congrats if You Wanted the New 'Power Rangers' Movie to Be a Young Adult Saga

Bring back sweaty actors in foam monster suits.
Zack Kotzer

We Dare You to Watch the Entire 'Power Rangers' Marathon on Twitch

23 seasons. 831 episodes. 17 days.
Zack Kotzer

20 Game Over Screens Worth Dying For

Motherboard's definitive, indisputable list of top Game Over screens.
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