Zoé Samudzi


A Beginner's Guide to Getting an Education Without Going to College

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to teach yourself everything you want to know, minus the exorbitant tuition fees.
Zoé Samudzi

A Contemporary Take on Nigerian Family Portraits From the 70s

Photographer Noma Osula's latest work re-enacts portraits found in his Nigerian parents' photo albums. Writer Zoé Samudzi reflects on what the series says about the politics of African self-representation.
Zoé Samudzi
Getting Out of Bed

Better Sleep Habits Won't Save Me From the Exhaustion of Academia

As a Black woman graduate student, burn out feels like a requirement for success.
Zoé Samudzi

What 'Interracial' Cuckold Porn Reveals About White Male Insecurity

The genre, in which a Black man has sex with a white man's wife, represents the ultimate threat to white manhood and racial purity. And it's loaded with racist undertones that have real-world implications.
Zoé Samudzi

What White Girl Coming-of-Age Movies Don't Do For a Black Girl

It's almost as if characters like Lady Bird and Juno were created to prepare me for a life of subordination to the trials, yearnings, and humanities of white women.
Zoé Samudzi

The Rachel Dolezal Documentary Is a Hollow, Manipulative Spectacle

'The Rachel Divide' paints a sympathetic picture of Dolezal without responsibly engaging with the realities of race in America. It's very clear that this film is not for Black women such as myself.
Zoé Samudzi

Whatever 'She’s Gotta Have', I Don’t Want

Spike Lee's Netflix reboot of "She's Gotta Have It"—his debut film about a queer, polyamorous woman—continues his long list of work misrepresenting black women's experiences.
Zoé Samudzi