Mexico Says the Narco 'El Mini Lic' Ordered This Journalist's Murder. Will the US Hand Him Over?

Mexican authorities want a Sinaloa cartel leader's son extradited, but he's already cooperating with U.S. law enforcement.
Keegan Hamilton
2 days ago

Get Ready for Team Trump to Drag the Bidens Into His Impeachment Trial

Trump’s team is handcuffed by the president’s demand for total fealty and his insistence that he did nothing at all wrong.
Cameron Joseph
2 days ago
space force

Trump Revealed the Logo for Space Force and It's Just the Star Trek Logo

Space Force is going to use the Starfleet insignia as its symbol because of course it is.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago
Games Podcasts

Finding America's Next Top Xehanort

We know Sora can smile, but can he smize?
Ricardo Contreras
2 days ago

Palantir’s CEO Finally Admits to Helping ICE Deport Undocumented Immigrants

Palantir has tried to downplay its role in ICE's detainment and deportation of immigrants for years, but Alex Karp said the quiet part loud at Davos.
Edward Ongweso Jr
2 days ago

D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' Redefined What an R&B Album Could Be

Twenty years ago, the singer's sophomore album gave the middle finger to the limitations placed on Black music. It was also a means of healing.
Kristin Corry
2 days ago
Games News

Gamer Files Lawsuit Claiming Muting Violated His Human Rights, Loses Badly

A 'Runescape' player has lost the final court battle in his struggle to get unmuted.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago

'Trans-Friendly' Company Policies Are Not Helping Unemployed Trans People

Even with a record-setting number of "trans-inclusive" companies in the U.S., transgender people are still disproportionately underemployed.
Diana Tourjée
2 days ago

Even Body 'Compliments' Can Be Destructive for People with Eating Disorders

Taylor Swift’s recent disclosure about her struggles with disordered eating exemplifies the impact of idle body commentary.
Katie Way
2 days ago
anti-abortion movement

Trump Showed Up at the March for Life and Said Everything Abortion Foes Want to Hear

For many evangelical supporters, Trump's rhetoric on abortion makes his history of divorces, affairs, lies, and sex scandals fade into the background.
Greg Walters
Carter Sherman
2 days ago
climate change

Turns Out 'Eating Local' Doesn't Do Much for the Planet

There are more effective ways to assuage your beef-eating guilt than to buy local.
Shayla Love
2 days ago
Houston explosion

The Deadly Houston Plant Explosion Was So Strong It Knocked People Out of Their Beds

The blast at a manufacturing facility left two dead and shifted homes off their foundations.
Emma Ockerman
2 days ago