Vape Hysteria Won't Take Your Legal Weed Vape Away

The cannabis industry is spooked, but mostly experiencing "a huge sense of relief."
Jon Walker
13 hours ago

Workers of the World, Unplug: The Fight for the ‘Right to Disconnect’

France, Luxembourg, Spain, and the Philippines have already taken steps to legislate a cap on the 8-hour work day. Will other countries follow suit?
Katie Way
14 hours ago

Netflix's 'Living with Yourself' Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One

The charming series about a Paul Rudd clone may not be groundbreaking sci-fi, but how can you resist two Rudds?
River Donaghey
14 hours ago
Tech news

Yahoo Groups Is Winding Down and All Content Will Be Permanently Removed

Users won't be able to upload new content to the site after October 21 and have until December 14 to archive their content, Yahoo said in an announcement.
Jordan Pearson
14 hours ago

'Baby Raves' Are the Hot New Thing for Insufferable Bay Area Parents

Do babies want this? Do babies want to party? Do they want to be Baby DJs? Do they even know who Robyn is or how hard 'Body Talk' slaps???
Alex Zaragoza
14 hours ago

What You Need to Know About the New Allegations of Trump's Financial Fraud

A new report shows that the Trump Organization may have committed "versions of fraud" in communications to banks and lenders.
Harry Cheadle
14 hours ago

Here's What You Should Do When You Are Tempted to Send An Ill-Advised Text

A solution to never sending a regrettable message again.
Hannah Smothers
14 hours ago

Trump Says the Chaos in Northern Syria, Which He Helped Create, “Has Nothing To Do With Us”

He also attacked the Kurds.
Alex Lubben
15 hours ago

NASA Captured Stunning New Images of the Interstellar Comet in Our Solar System

Unlike ʻOumuamua, the first interstellar object ever detected, comet 2I/Borisov is radiant and gassy.
Becky Ferreira
15 hours ago

The Media's Masochistic Love Affair With HBO's 'Succession'

For those working in digital media, the HBO series holds a mirror up to our world, and that can be a terrible thing for some.
Alex Zaragoza
15 hours ago

Scientists Want to Try Using Shrooms to Revive People in Vegetative States

Does psilocybin have the potential to increase consciousness in people who are unresponsive?
Shayla Love
15 hours ago
Games News

Blizzard Bans Three College ‘Hearthstone’ Protesters For Six Months

The members of American University who held up a “Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz” sign said they have no regrets.
Patrick Klepek
16 hours ago