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Someone Had a Terrifying Run-In with This Massive Gator Again

And he looks like he somehow got bigger...
Drew Schwartz
5 hours ago

Looks Like Canada Will Pardon Small Weed Convictions

Government sources told CBC they’ll announce pardon plans the morning of legalization.
Sarah Berman
5 hours ago
Late Capitalism

Here's Fresh Evidence Student Loans Are a Massive, Generational Scam

The co-author of an enraging new report called the student loan system "a failed social experiment."
Matt Taylor
8 hours ago
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Sent Fakes of Myself to Be on TV Around the World

In the wake of turning his shed into London's number one restaurant and getting a knock-off clothing brand into Parisian Fashion Week, VICE's Oobah Butler decides to send lookalikes of himself to TV and radio interviews in a bid to improve his brand.
2018 election

Is Beto O'Rourke Trying Hard Enough to Get the Latino Votes He Needs?

The Democrat is probably doomed if he doesn't get Latinos to turn out in major numbers, but some on-the-ground activists say his outreach efforts haven't been good enough.
Julissa Treviño
15 hours ago

The Heartbreaking Instagram Where People Remember Loved Ones Who Died of AIDS

"Looking at the photos, I felt like the whole world was falling down around me. I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and devastation, and had to go to the bathroom so that no one would see me crying."
Jeff Leavell
21 hours ago

Nearly Every Horror Movie You Love Is Actually About World War I

In his new book, 'Wasteland: The Great War and the Origins of Modern Horror,' historian W. Scott Poole argues the Great War gave filmmakers the visual language that make up scary movies.
Seth Ferranti
a day ago

How Two Women on 'Bachelor' Vietnam Found Love with Each Other

"I wanted to go home with her. It was just that simple."
Nicole Clark
a day ago
Views My Own

Republicans Are Outraged About the Deficit They Caused

To pay for their tax breaks for the rich, they want to take healthcare from the poor.
Harry Cheadle
a day ago
The Power and Privilege Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's October Issue

Here's how the constant documentation of a young person’s life and the tediousness of filling out tests informed this issue's cover design.
Elizabeth Renstrom
Kitron Neuschatz
a day ago
The Power and Privilege Issue

The History of the Future of High School

The problem with American secondary education is not that students haven’t learned the “right skills,” as the Betsy DeVoses of the world would have you believe.
Audrey Watters
a day ago

'Camping '97,' Today's Comic by Adam Desouza

Two boys go on a camping trip to see if UFOs are real.
Adam Desouza
a day ago