After Wave of Complaints, Instagram Tests New Methods to Recover Hacked Accounts

Motherboard previously reported how hackers were holding high-profile Instagram accounts for ransom, and how some influencers had to turn to white-hat hackers for help.

The Mark Zuckerberg Deepfakes Are Forcing Facebook to Fact Check Art

The artist who made this week's first Zuckerberg deepfake made another, in protest of the platform supressing his work.

Verizon Claims 5G Will Help Fight Cancer. Experts Say That’s Not Likely

5G is not magic, and experts say the wireless technology is not likely to revolutionize hospitals.

What Happens When a US Border Protection Contractor Gets Hacked?

The government wants all the data it can get from you at the border. But what happens when a hacker shows they can’t store it safely?

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