12 Years a Slave


'12 Years a Slave' Screenwriter Returns to Comics After a 10-Year Hiatus

Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley revives 'The American Way,' his innovative comic about superheroes and race in America.
Giaco Furino

'Black Panther' Could Change the Black Film Narrative

The film that features an almost all-black cast, a black director, and is set in a world that portrays people of color in a superior light is something black people have never seen before.
Noel Ransome

Can 'Underground' Break Free of the Slave Narrative's Traditional Tropes?

'Underground' is a well-worn addition to the suddenly crowded genre of slave narrative.
Brian Josephs
This Week in Racism

Is It Possible to Make the Academy Awards More Diverse?

The Academy snubbed minority actors and filmmakers this year, but the problem runs deeper than black faces not holding little gold statues.
Dave Schilling

We Talked to the Director of 'Dear White People' About Race, Identity, and Black Cinema

After launching scores of think pieces this summer, Dear White People is actually in theaters and it's one of the most thoughtful films about race in a long time. Writer/director Justin Simien chatted with us about his thoughts on a third way in...
Dave Schilling
This Week in Racism

The Director of 'American Hustle' Said Jennifer Lawrence Is Treated Like a Slave

David O. Russell, the auteur behind Best Picture Oscar nominee American Hustle, told a journalist that Jennifer Lawrence's work on the Hunger Games movies is like "12 years of slavery." He apologized, but not before I called the police to save J...
Dave Schilling

Things Spike Lee Hates: Racists, Guns, and Racists with Guns

With 12 Years a Slave and Lee Daniels' The Butler projected to be major players at the 2013 Academy Awards, there's been a lot of talk about this year being a turning point for black filmmakers. Spike Lee, about to release his remake of...
Dave Schilling