Juicy Stories About What Andy Warhol Was Really Like

"Andy seemed to be floating through space. He had this magical energy and looked like nobody else."
Miss Rosen

How to Be a Woman, According to 1960s Women's Magazines

First step: Douche.
Caroline Thompson
Black Women Making History

My Friend MLK 'Died of a Broken Heart'

Legendary activist Xernona Clayton talks about her relationship with Dr. King, who was murdered 50 years ago. She's a prominent voice in HBO's new documentary, 'King in the Wilderness.'
Alexis P. Williams

Take a Virtual Vacation with These Unearthed 1960s Snapshots

Robert Doisneau was so taken with the man-made oasis of Palm Springs that he used color film for the first time.
Beckett Mufson
true crime

What Charles Manson Had in Common with the Alt-Right

Besides fear of black people and anxiety about the collapse of the white race, Manson and the modern far-right also shared fantasies about the future.
Josiah Hesse

I Wrote to Charles Manson and Got This Drawing in Response

In the late 1980s, Rocco Casella wrote to the serial killer and members of his "Family." This is what he got back.
James McMahon
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Thousands of Previously Unseen JFK Assassination Files to Be Released This Week

Experts believe the documents will reveal new info on a trip Lee Harvey Oswald took to Mexico, where he met with Cuban and Russian spies.
Drew Schwartz
light art

Psychedelic Light Art Celebrates the Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary

Trippy projections illuminating San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers commemorate the summer of 1967.
Taylor Lindsay
When the Drugs Hit

Taking Acid for the First Time? Read This Vintage Guide

Pro tips from a no-nonsense 1967 manual on what to expect when the stuff kicks in.
Daniel Oberhaus
art movement

Meet the Free-Loving Folks Behind Hippiedom In This Out-of-Sight Exhibit

Framed around the Summer of Love, this multimedia exhibit makes hippiedom relevant again.
Diana Shi
thump mix

THUMP Mix: Toro Y Moi & The Mattson 2

Chaz Bundick and the West Coast jazz duo serve up 34 minutes of psych-rock, French pop, and 70s soul.
Max Mertens

[NSFW] A New Erotic Art Book Tells the Tale of a Nude Female Desert Cult

Amy Hood's erotic art book tells the story of a violent kidnapping in the Hollywood Hills.
Nathaniel Ainley