Public Domain

A Massive Number of Iconic Works Will Enter the Public Domain on New Year’s Eve

Why the copyright terms on a goldmine of works from 1923 are about to expire.
Sarah Emerson
the shape of punk

Love It or Hate It, Refused’s ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ Changed Punk

The iconic album turned 20 this year, and while it's still endlessly debated, time has proven its impact.
David Anthony

'Baby One More Time' Came Out 20 Years Ago, And We're All Closer to Death

Britney Spears took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank her fans for being there for her through two. whole. decades.
Kara Weisenstein

What Prestige TV Can Learn from the First 'X-Files' Movie

Twenty years on, we should see more ambitious shows making a jump to the big screen.
Frederick Blichert
Remembering Things

None of You Motherfuckers Wrote About the 20th Anniversary of Catch-22’s ‘Keasbey Nights’ so I Guess I’ll Do It

Seriously, no one is gonna commemorate this album turning 20? Ugh, fine, I'll do it.
Dan Ozzi
the shape of punk

20 Years Ago, Kid Dynamite Reshaped Pop-Punk in Just 27 Minutes

On their debut LP in 1998, Dan Yemin's post-Lifetime project fused hardcore and pop-punk together in a way that would be copied for years.
David Anthony

Watch What 'Bioshock' Would Have Looked Like on the First PlayStation

98DEMAKE gives Irrational's seminal shooter that 1998 look.
Matthew Gault
Objectively Correct Lists

We Ranked ‘Now That's What I Call Music’ Compilations From Worst to Best

What the actual fuck was going on 1998?
Daisy Jones

The 1998 World Cup, Fragile Memory, and the Death of My Mother

I have no idea when mom was diagnosed, but it must have been after the driveway and after the buggy in the rain.
Francisco Garcia; Illustrations by Marta Parszeniew

Talking to Employees at Jakarta’s Haunted Shopping Mall

"Every morning before the mall is cleaned, you find kid's toes lying around on the floor."
Stanley Widianto
Holy Shit

Chet Faker x BANKS = A Whole Lotta Yes Please

Man it's a bummer when your friend turns out to not be your friend anymore.
Kim Taylor Bennett