Films from 1999 Did the End of the World Right

It was a year when filmmakers sent out their last dispatches before the apocalypse—full of failing, dying, and learning.
Noel Ransome
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Charli XCX on Draco Malfoy, "1999," and Your Dumb Comments

In the latest episode of Noisey's 'The People Vs.,' Charli responds to a few YouTube comments that make little sense.
Noisey Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

Every 90s Reference in Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's "1999," Ranked

2018 has been wild, can you blame them?
Kristin Corry

Charli XCX Tells Us About "1999," Her Glossy New Troye Sivan Collab

The British pop retro-futurist is back with an Eminem- and Jonathan Taylor Thomas-referencing new banger. We spoke to her about her favourite 90s music, meeting Troye and the 'Reputation' tour.
Shaad D’Souza

Eavesdropping on Prince

The first full-length release of new material since Prince's death provides a glimpse of the artist at his most vulnerable.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

You Can Find Joey Bada$$'s '1999' on Streaming Platforms for the First Time

The Brooklyn rapper's debut mixtape can be added to your favorite Apple Music and Spotify playlists now.
Lawrence Burney
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Listen to Prince's Intimate, 35-Year-Old Cover of "Mary Don't You Weep"

It's the first single from a new album of solo recordings, ‘Piano & a Microphone 1983,′ to be released by the late singer's estate on September 21.
Alex Robert Ross
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Joey Bada$$ Celebrated the Anniversary of '1999' with Shows in Three Cities

The rapper looks back on the mixtape that jumpstarted his career with a mini-tour that stopped in London, New York, and LA.
Noisey Staff

Prince’s Flaws Only Made Him More Captivating

We sat down with Ben Greenman, author of 'Dig If You Will the Picture: Funk, Sex, God and Genius in the Music of Prince,' to talk about the late artist's legend and legacy.
Alex Robert Ross
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Dearly Beloved, Gather Here to Listen to a New Posthumous Prince Song Called "Moonbeam Levels"

Initially recorded during the sessions for '1999.'
Phil Witmer
In Memoriam

'1999' to Infinity: Robert Christgau Remembers Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was the most gifted artist of the rock era.
Robert Christgau
Silicon Divide

Pirates Are Posting Prince's Music to An Obscure Corner of the Internet

Sure, you’ll have to break copyright to find Prince’s music online, but when has that ever stopped pirates?
Nicholas Deleon