19th Century

Under the Knife

You Had to Be a Little Insane to Be a Surgeon in the 1800s

Back then surgery was nothing but rivers of pus and filth and it's a miracle the human race survived.
Eric Spitznagel

Evocative Neo-Impressionist Paintings Spread Over Vintage Photos

En plein air painting style mixes with old-school photography in Joshua Flint’s time capsule visual art.
Diana Shi

Artist Uses 150-Year-Old Photography Technique to Create These Chilling Images

Victorian pictures of corpses and pale nudes mingle with contemporary images made with the photography precursor.
Anna Marks

'Alas for the Fat One!': How the Victorians Thought Women Should Look

In her new book "Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners," Therese Oneill details all the ways it sucked to be a woman in the 19th century, from scary-looking birth control devices to impossible standards of body image.
Broadly Staff

Humans Battle Electricity in a Williamsburg Brownstone Exhibit

For a five-night opening reception, 'Electrique' transforms a building into an electrical and mechanical light and sound art installation.
Abby Ronner

Revamped Victorian Photography Imagines Anonymous Aristocrats As Birds

Photographer Sara Angelucci, fuses science and and the supernatural by merging people with mysterious birds.
Beckett Mufson

Knot for Everyone: How to Make Victorian Hair Accessories

The Victorians used to harvest hair from dead people to make jewelry. I tried my hand at the century-old craft in a six-hour workshop.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

Grover Cleveland, a Rapist President

The anti-corruption Democrat was only president for eight years, but he was a rapist who denied he had fathered a child for much longer.
Jamie Lauren Keiles

Photographer Andreas Gursky Takes on the Masters of Landscape Art

A new exhibition at the Parrish Art Museum compares the last 30 years of his work to that of the 19th century masters.
Nathaniel Ainley
Popping the Marks

The Problem with White Converts

You’d think that two white guys embracing Buddhism and Islam in the age of colonialism could have become champions of antiracism. But no. They treated their new religions like other white men treat entire nations: they marched in and claimed to own it.
Michael Muhammad Knight

Original Creators: Jules Verne

A look over iconic artists from several disciplines who have let their immortal mark in today’s creators.
Fergs Heinzelmann